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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚



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    petria said:
    Have you noticed how RED were Nyang`s ears while she was passing by Wang Yoo after cleaning Ta Hwan`s ears? Two possible reasons:
    1) she was humiliated,
    2) she was ashamed because she was "caught" in some kind of adultery.

    I think it was an awkward situation even more than anything else lool
    the tomboy SN who nobody could boss her around or tell her what to do
    is cleaning his emperor's ears while he is sleeping on her lap
    I think she didn't want WY to see her that way as a maid owned by the emperor
    doing whatever the emperor asks her to
    so she might be shy of the whole situation in front of WY

    image image image image
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    niknokdagu425lxands[Deleted User]tessieroo
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    lxands said:
    I don't know but in this episode WY was so hot, they've switched the stylist or what ??
    Of cos he has to look hotter in this the past few episodes he was at the Camp of Hell which he's only meeting rough, haggard men his age or older  8-| but now returning to the palace he's frequently confront with the dashingly handsome & young TH, not to mention coming across ruggedly smexy bad boy DK, so how cud he wins both of them infront of SN if he doesnt look hotter  :P
    LOL does look like it
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