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Did you know that SoompiTV now has "We Got Married," "Dad! Where Are We Going?" and "Infinity Challenge" with subtitles? ^^v

[Drama 2013] ♔ The Heirs/Inheritors ♔ ♕ 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라-상속자들 ♕



  • prosperityprosperity in bed with Kim Jong DaePosts: 977Member


    Actually I think he may not reveal himself. By doing so, he'll reveal that he's the second son in Jeguk Group.
    But then again... They have this scene where KT goes to visit ES at her school.. I'm guessing that he's sort of fetching her? That would make more sense if he's revealed himself...

    He had all the students envious of Eun Sang.He seemed like Prince Charming in that clip.
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    In bed with Kim Jung Dae
  • YoshikittyYoshikitty SJS/JSW/YSH's Fan Posts: 778Member


    @mappyminho I missed today's episode :D cuz I have been busy making some TMS vid :D
    I already downloaded ep3,wait for the subs of ep4 to come out tomorrow first,will tell you what I think about ep3-4 when I am done watching them,see ya
  • sarah_linasarah_lina Posts: 1,689Member


    if Imma not wrong...

    in the ep 5 preview...during the scene whereby CYD purposedly let CES trip juz to hold her up :P

    he said something like this "from today onwards... you are mine / belong to me!" ;)) ;))

    woahhhh can't wait till next week!!! :D :D

    i like bad and jerk guy!!  :)) :)) he so sexy here with jerk character... :)) :)) cant wait for ES and YD scene...
    ZarraJaeruzikieseungzy_kangdamshipperDany Sai
  • sullifishsullifish Angel Eyes Posts: 2,770Member


    hey chingu..i cant watch ep 4 live streaming because lag..
    i nid help ...
    how you think about ep 4 tonight??
    will the rating increase to 15??
    i hope so

  • sarah_linasarah_lina Posts: 1,689Member


    :) looks like ChangMin is watching Heirs , too . I'm so glad :D

    i hope changmin can put on the rating up... :D :D
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