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[Drama 2013] Monstar 몬스타



  • jielun_ainijielun_aini Posts: 603Member


    I keep thinking about this Seol Chan and Sun Woo they knew each other from the past.
    In the same time Se Yi and Sun Woo they're childhood friends.
    May be we've more story about Seol Chan and Se Yi when they was young
    May be they're a good friends or partner from the the past.

    it's 7 day to wait....dammmm

    Maybe you're the one, Baby I'm in love with you
  • sickninesicknine Egg. Egg. Egg. Posts: 2,324Member


    edited June 2013
    Totally forgot today is Friday when life is so busy :))
    Can't wait for last night episode been subbed :D
  • naunanauna Posts: 415Member
    edited June 2013
    @dotori: yeah, I've been patient with SY because I realize she hasn't seen the vulnerable side of SC, like we the audience have; and he really didn't make a good first impression and still acts pretty cocky around her. But now I'm ready for her to start softening up towards him. It would make him so happy! (and me too!)EDIT: I should also add that I'm ready for SC to own up to his feelings too.
  • turereadytureready Posts: 278Member


    edited June 2013
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  • iheartyou1518iheartyou1518 Posts: 2,554Member


    episode 4 end scene. :) image cr: Mnet

     >‿‿◕ cutie Yeon Soo(Potato Star) sexy Ha-Neul(The Heirs) songstress Ji Eun(aka IU) versatile Geun Young(GoF Jung Yi >‿‿◕

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  • yoochun95yoochun95 TURKEYPosts: 132Member


    He said something to her mom and mom was shocked????? What did he say? I m talking about seol chan?
  • jina_bing_bangjina_bing_bang OregonPosts: 10,022Member


    yoochun95 said:
    He said something to her mom and mom was shocked????? What did he say? I m talking about seol chan?
    When SC comes home, his mother's friends are over and they are preparing on taking things to an orphanage. Anyway they make small talk and he goes into his room where his mom comes in and says he should eat before he goes to practice, he says he gets stomachaches when he does this. Then he asks his mom is his friends can come over to the house, they have to use the piano and practice something. He then apologizes and his mom says no, she was just surprised since he has never brought friends home.
    The SC says, no it was nothing- I did not want to trouble you/inconvenience you. The she repeats what he said and she cries outside his room door. I think this is because SC is adopted from his flashback in Ep. 1 and so he has trouble accepting his adoptive parents?

    This episode was another great one, the band is finally forming and more of the backstory between characters has begun! I liked the SunWoo and NaNa interaction- I know they didn't have a lot of screen time but I sensed a nice little vibe ^^

    SeolChan and Seyi! He has fallen and fallen hard for her since the beginning but this episode just proves it more. It was great to see SC's interact with EunHa more too- as a fan and as a classmate. 

    Glad to see KyuDong getting some recognition from SC too, when he had the lists of songs!
    Can't wait for Ep. 5

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