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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신



  • phoungphoung IU's star candy dreamlandPosts: 1,154Member


  • edensoredensor I'm Her Star Candy Posts: 5,651Member


    Thank god the ratings rose again. 25%  =D>
    Are weekend drama always this high? Because 25% is wow... drama in Wed-Thu time slot the ratings battle is only around 14% highest now. And its look like there is no competitor at same time slot for LSS KBS2?
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  • DuckButtHunterDuckButtHunter PakistanPosts: 132Member


    Just dropped in to say hi to all those watching TBLSS :D 
    I am liking the it has loads of people I love! specially Kim Gab Soo Ahjushi :D 

    Hwaiting to the cast!! 
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  • ad_faad_fa Posts: 2,028Member


    i don't really care about the rating

    as long as the stories is good


  • edensoredensor I'm Her Star Candy Posts: 5,651Member


    angelangie wrote: »
    it been quiet here.....the korean netizens should worried more about their north neighbors then this controversy and learn to enjoy them at a go.....i hate to see a good series being affected just because of the controversy.....<br />
    some of us are name after the heroes too n it does not means we disrespect them they are aliking the character to the efforts of the heroes.....and turning it into a success stories....why must all these ppl always only look at the bad sides and thinking it an insults??? why cant they learn to look at the bright sides and learn to accept the positive insteads???? maybe because they having too much free times that why.....

    With regards to the controversy, I, too, also unable to understand the korean netizens. I feel that it is a bit overboard, but we can't stop them. Somehow or rather, I just feel that they are attacking IU.
    There are articles released that ep 3 rating has a drop of 3% due to the controversy, and the korean netizens are giving negative comments. If you look at the ratings of the previous drama, every episodes' ratings has its ups and downs. Some episodes had even dropped more than 3%. But I don't see any article talking about it.
    I'm not really disturbed by the ratings, okay actually I do, but not as much. People have different drama preference, there are some dramas which I enjoy but has low ratings, while some others I did not but it has high ratings. What I am really worried about is that the drama will be cancelled because of the controversy and the korean netizens will blamed it on IU. I am a huge fan of IU, and it's because of her that I watch YTBLSS. I feel that IU's acting is getting better and better, but I guess haters just hate whatever IU does.
    I really enjoyed watching YTBLSS, and have lots of anticipation in the love story between Soon Shin and Joon Ho. So I will really be upset if anything happens to the drama.
    Anyway I can't wait to watch ep 3 and 4's eng sub. And for the 5th episode to air, 1 week is too long~
    Me too! The only worried about ratings is the effect that could bring to the drama. I wish there is new invention of device that can count not only television but also live streaming. 
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  • edensoredensor I'm Her Star Candy Posts: 5,651Member


    edited March 2013
    Still no sub :(( :((
    Mashimello subs... why don't you sub guys... T_T

    :(( :(( :((
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  • JenA313JenA313 Posts: 122Member
    This is, as its title says, Chwigo!!! Cannot wait for Soon Shin's journey as celebrity to unfold. She and Jin/Jun(?) Ho already make me tingly with their cute chemistry.
  • RaineRaine ColoradoPosts: 213Member


    Episode 2 recap is complete! Took a while. Hopefully I'll be quicker with the next two!

    Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 2 Recap
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