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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신



  • bella1025bella1025 Whimsy Writer Posts: 2,685Member


    bella1025 wrote: »
    A really disturbing thought just came to me: what if MR was raped/forced to have sex by an entertainment producer/CEO?  A really powerful one. That'll somewhat explain her disbelief and vehement denial of SS's existence.. when confronted with the evidence. I feel like that she has a really painful past that she wants to recover from... and that her "ambitious" personality is just a front to protect herself. She could've wanted to make herself powerful or influential in order to protect herself from something in her past. Hence why she wants everyone to still believe that CH is SS's biodad. 
    First off, I want to express my appreciation for everyone who keeps this thread updated with tidbits, videos, links, etc...and some beautiful insights about this family drama. Much appreciated. I've been a longtime lurker but was just content with browsing the thread and reading the posts.

    Decided to delurk on bella1025's observation. IIRC, Il Do alluded to SS father I think in ep 24. In one of his convo with MR to dissuade her from revealing her secret daughter, he said and I paraphrase, "aren't you worried/afraid of your daughter's father?". Its possible, that he or his family is someone so powerful not just in the K-Ent industry but in Korea or the world itself. Think of a similar global conglomerate the Samsung group. 

    I didn't catch that part. Must've fastforwarded it. LOL. But yes, I agree. That's what I was thinking too while theorizing weeks ago whether MR slept her way up the entertainment ladder. We've seen K-ent scandals here and there.. so a CEO.. a very much married one .. probably.. could've taken an interest on MR.. and MR wanting to get ahead.. could've either agreed or had been forced into agreement (wc explains the discord between her and CH.. he probably doesn't agree with her life's choices.. but MR being MR.. she's, imo, the type to just go with the flow.. and accept things as it is.. especially when she doesn't have that power to change it..) I'm going to guess that the resulting pregnancy.. whether forced or not.. was something that MR didn't really want to happen. If it's rape, then that'll explain it all.. if it's an agreement in exchange for favors.. then that'll explain why she can admit to SS being her daughter yet doesn't want to even think of someone else being her father ... coz that's just a whole lot of trouble and scandals for her career.. something that she clearly doesn't want to deal with. Ever. Hence, the vehemence in her denial while talking to Il Do. 
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  • KatKat09KatKat09 IU's Park Jung Eun WorldPosts: 1,676Member


    Whew! what an episode. thanks for the spoilers, recap.
    So it seems Manager Il Do knows something about the real Dad.
    Poor SS, they say persons who are submissive and patiently forgiving- are the most frightening when they finally get angry. And how can this meek girl not explode- when all misfortunes & trials are having a sportsfest in her life!
    In some culture, children who are adults already are still tied to obligations to the family, hindering their opportunities for growth, in pursuing their dreams, of going out there and being independent. Now that SS found out the truth, she would still feel obligated to this fake family?
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  • ArishiaArishia Posts: 244Member


    Dmuh said:
    I have been a silent lurker for a while, I thought I'd chime in and say something today. I bet you the Chicken Uncle is her Soon Shin's father... I'd be upset if a random character popped up and claimed to be her father... 
    If that's so, then Chang Woo's comment to Yoon Shin way earlier, that he is Soon Shin's "real oppa," would be prescient. I wondered if that was a 'writer's hint' back then.  We shall see.
  • syahrilaiyubsyahrilaiyub Posts: 922Member


    Jh father is ss father my hunch told me.... bring the votes up xD
  • ArishiaArishia Posts: 244Member


    edited June 2013
    Jh father is ss father my hunch told me.... bring the votes up xD
    Ha ha. I can' tell yet, not at all. Most likely is someone high up in entertainment. CW's dad least likely in terms of attraction, but would be sweet for SS to have a real oppa like CW. I just have no idea right now. I'm really grateful for everyone here that makes watching this drama so much more fun!
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