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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신



  • Tien DoTien Do Posts: 229Member
    edited July 2013
    @Ayame @annamchoi post:

    Ayame said:
    Tien Do said:
    Just FYI, but that dramacrazy is probably run by a different person from the original, because as they said when the original dramacrazy shutdown:

    "Note: If you see any sites with similar designs or domain names to ours, they are not us. These copycat sites are virus/spyware infected. Avoid them at all costs."

    So that dramacrazy is probably owned by a different person from the original.

    So, we must avoid the new Dramacrazy?

    I not sure either. I just read the news from You Are The Best Lee Soon Shin - Fanpage in facebook. I thought about what u guys just say it's might right. I hope the information I give it isn't wrong ^_^. Thanks for sharing @Ayame and @ annamchoi
  • Tien DoTien Do Posts: 229Member
    @tiendoank said:

    this is Tien and Tien talking, hehehe....

    no. I'm from Indonesia.  Tien is my nickname since I was born, hehehe...
    actually, when I saw you for the first time here, I kinda sense you're Vietnamese.  I've got some Vietnamese friends and one of them is a close friend of mine.  He said that Tien means fairy in Vietnamese. That's why he loves calling me "my fairy". Hehe. . Is that true??

    Yeah ur nick name is mean fairy and angel, I hope u are from Vietnam so we can talk more by using vietnameses (my english is horrible)
    So can i know ur really name?
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