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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신



  • jihanjannahjihanjannah ~*~LovelyJM~*~ Posts: 3,622Member


    edited May 2013
    vaberella said:
    well, maybe i'm the only one here, but i could understand JA & i don't blame her behavior at this time. she was badly hurt inside & feel cheated by her husband.
    she loves baby SS. she is willing to adopt & raise her out of love. but her heart was broken when she saw the photo & MR's scarf, while it's impossible for her to ask the truth from her late husband. 
    I completely agree with you.  Way too many people are being judgemental.  She is beyond hurt.  Her husband dies and there's not a bloody witness to bring the hit and run culprit out to tell the truth.  Which is one thing I hate about MR.    Then on the cusp of dealing with her husband's death, her baby daughter -- the one she doted on the most is probably the biological daughter of her dead husband and another woman; not any other woman but an actress-- who's daughter she raised.   The only person who could tell her the truth is his mother and she is not denying or clearing up any misgivings that JA has.    So that's three things.  Then on top of that she can't pay the bills and is working, or working as a cleaning lady and dealing with abuse from her boss.  Then on top of all that, she then finds out her eldest daughter was cheated on by her husband which is what she was dealt with (so far).  Let's just say I feel her pain.  I understand her and she can't hold it in....why should she?    She has yet to get a break since her husband died.
    yes we feel her pain,but slapping a child that she has raised like her owen and kicking her out in the middle of the night,especially when the child
     doesn't know anything about the whole stuation...hmm sorry i don't understand that..
  • edensoredensor I'm Her Star Candy Posts: 5,709Member


    kchild702 said:
    platini09 said:
    can anyone help to to translate what they are talking about in the preview. I like Junho's new hair, but with the current hair, we can see the dorky side of him 

    EP. 23 PREVIEW:

    I made it simple for you guys.    

    Soon Shin’s grandmother:  Isn’t Kyung Sook (Mi Ryung) soon shin’s real mother?

    Soon Shin’s mom: please let’s just drop it and forget about.

    Soon Shin’s grandmother: Don’t you have any self-esteem?

    Soon Shin’s mom:  please help me mother, Soon Shin cannot find out!

    Soon Shin’s mom talking to Soon Shin:  No matter what happen you’re my daughter!  My Youngest daughter that I’m proud of.

    JH’s assistant:  Cinderella has been born!  The mom is Song Mi Ryung.

    JH:  What?

    Chicken Lady talking to Soon Shin’s mom: Soon Shin doesn’t know right?

    Soon Shin’s mom:  We can just drop it and live on.

    Soon Shin’s grandmother talking to MR:  How come here?  Are you trying to take our Soon Shin with you?

    MR:  Why, can I not do it?

    Soon Shin’s mom:  What did you say?

    O my gosh! Cannot believe the nerve on MR.  After all the torture to Soon Shin, now she wants to take her home?  Wow!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeaaa... like she would, MR... You abandoned her, you think she will happily running to you? And after all what you did to her? Not a chance >:P
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