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[Drama 2013] Incarnation of Money 돈의 화신

nozomikizuminozomikizumi Posts: 107Member
edited May 2013 in k-dramas & movies

Incarnation of Money 돈의 화신


Title: 돈의 화신 / Incarnation of Money
Chinese Title: 錢的化身
Also known as: Money Incarnation / Money Demons / The Embodiment of Money
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-02 to 2013-April-21
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


A drama based on law about money, love and passion.

Bok Jae In (Hwang Jung Eum) plays the daughter of a loan shark and ‘knows nothing but money’. She then eventually becomes the president of a savings bank with her pragmatic and a strong work ethic personality. Meanwhile, Lee Cha Don (Kang Ji Hwan) knows of her past and is in debt to her. He then happens to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital on a remote island…..


Main Cast

Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Cha Don
- Park Ji Bin as Lee Cha Don (young)
Hwang Jung Eum as Bok Jae In
Park Sang Min as Ji Se Kwang
Oh Yoon Ah as Eun Bi Ryung
Choi Yeo Jin as Jeon Ji Hoo
Kim Soo Mi as Bok Hwa Sool

Supporting Cast

Yoon Yong Hyun as Kim Pal Do
Joo Hyun
Park Soon Chun
Son Byung Ho
Jung Eun Pyo
Lee Ki Young
Lee Seung Hyung
Lee Byung Joon

Production Credits

Director: Yoo In Sik
Screenwriter: Jang Young Chul, Jung Kyung Soon


Kang Ji Hwan and Hwang Jung Eum to film new weekend drama “money incarnation” for SBS?

During the afternoon of 19.10, a representative from production company ‘JS Pictures’ revealed through a telephone conversation with Starnews that: “Hwang Jung Eum will be playing the female lead name Bok Jae In in the drama. However we are currently discussing with her regarding her filming schedule late this year.”

Hwang Jung Eum’s management company ‘Sidus HQ’ also revealed: “Currently we have not confirmed any news yet. We have received an invitation in regards to Hwang Jung Eum filming the drama and are currently negotiating the contract.

In other news, the male lead of the drama Kang Ji Hwan is close to finalizing his contract with the production company behind the drama.

“Money Demons” or ‘The Incarnation of Money’ consists of 24 episodes, and will be the third protect between writer Jang Young Chul and director Yoo In Shik after SBS “Giant” and SBS “Salary Man”

The drama will air in mid January 2013 after “Cheongdamdong Alice” which stars Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Yoong.

Source: Naver











  • ohayyoohayyo IndonesiaPosts: 877Member


    owwwh, eu jong T-ara makes her comeback .... after ummh T-ara scandal :D
    hahaha, KJH and the lady from Full house II ...

    let see then, so i guess it will battle with the wind that blows ... whuaaa :)
    sachiko@soompi,the other one's mine
  • guccigal328guccigal328 Posts: 217Member


    Yeay!!! Kang Ji Hwan.

  • nozomikizuminozomikizumi Posts: 107Member
    Will T-ara's Eunjung return to the small screen?

    After being removed from her previous role on SBS‘s Five Fingers due to the “bullying controversy“, it was reported that T-ara‘s Eunjung was offered a role in SBS’s upcoming drama, Money Incarnation, which is set to be released  in January 2013. A SBS official  revealed that they had discussions about her controversial removal and decided to offer her the role. However, her agency, Core Contents Media has refuted any contact from the drama’s officials.

    A representative stated:

    “Ham Eunjung had never received an offer to star in ‘Money Incarnation’.”

    They had also dismissed the report that Eunjung had met with the PD and director of the drama. Her agency added that:

    “Eunjung will be on an Asian Tour early next year and scheduling a drama at that time would not be appropriate. On top of that,  Eunjung will be participating in music promotions in Japan during the first half of next year. She has no time to star in Korean movies or dramas because of the wide Asian schedule until the 2nd half of the year.”

    In related news, Money Incarnation is a drama starring Kang Jihwan and Hwang Jungeum, which revolves around desires for money and love within legal professions.

    Are you anticipating her return to the small screen, even if it isn’t any time soon?

    Source: Donga, StarNews, Nate

  • nozomikizuminozomikizumi Posts: 107Member

    Casting News: Incarnation of Money

    News of a drama tentatively scheduled for after Cheongdam-dong Alice ends. And since Alice hasn't even started yet, it's gonna be a while. This casting news this lands on the sketchy side as, since it's so far away, things can change and no one has officially signed yet. That in mind, for a hero we have Kang Ji Hwan, who we've see in Coffee House and Lie To Me. While I didn't care for either, I keep trying dramas he's in because despite his pick of shows, he does a really good job. I like his comedic timing and I'd really like to see something he's in that I'll love.


    For a heroine we've got Hwang Jung-eum, who keeps ticking up there, getting lead rolls. In the past we've seen her in Can You Hear My Heart, she just finished Golden Time, and coming up, she's in Full House 2. Busy lady. Over all, I like her a lot, she can be super cute if she can just keep the screeching down.


    The most interesting bit of information though is the fact that Ham Eun-Jeong is being considered for a second lead. Eun-Jeong, from the girl idol group T-ara, was also in Coffee House with Kang Ji Hwan. But the interesting bit of course is that she was previously replaced days before filming started on SBS's other Kdrama, Five Fingers. At the time it was a big scandal caused, of course, by the T-ara bullying scandal. The whole situation boiled down to a big case of they said vs. they said resulting, the last I heard, in a lawsuit brought against the producers by Eun-Jeong for damage done to her career. It's interesting that the next thing we hear is that she's up for another SBS role. Hmm.... looks like they've worked things out....


    There's not much out there by way of information on the actual drama itself. It's written and produced by the same team which did the huge hit Giant (which I haven't seen, but it's been highly recommend by a reader, Song ChaeMin) and History of a Salaryman (another on I haven't seen but have heard really good things about it).

    Interesting...very, we'll have to keep an eye out on this one! If I find more details I'll let you know!

  • kiefshi1056kiefshi1056 Posts: 836Member


    this series would been better if they hired better actress like kim tae hee, sung yu ri, han hye jin  and etc...

  • nozomikizuminozomikizumi Posts: 107Member

    aemi said:

    Not to be rude, but Kim Tae Hee and Sung Yu Ri are hardly 'better' actresses and Han Hye Jin seems to have bid adieu to dramaland... who could blame her. I think Hwang Jung Eum will do a decent job and I'm anticipating her pairing with Kang Ji Hwan. Poor Eunjung though - this is the second drama in a row where she can't have KJH.

    However, I've read that there's already another drama (the Best Lee Soon Shin with Go Ara and Yoon Sang Hyun) scheduled after Cheongdamdong Alice for SBS.

    Oh. my... did you say kim tae hee..?? wahh.. love her... hehehehXD

    @kiefshi1056 kim tae hee has another drama too jang ok jung.. it's jang hee bin right? hmm.. it's gonna br great.. gosh! kim tae hee and kang ji hwan...
  • nozomikizuminozomikizumi Posts: 107Member
    (Please bear with the translation)

    Side 'incarnation' money, "Kang Ji Hwan situation, trend watching to see only"

    MoneyToday    2012.11.07 14:10

     Star actor Kang Ji Hwan starring in mulmang up was agreed broadcast.Ukraine the Korea Management Association and the Dispute Resolution SBS drama 'incarnation' money appeared whether the crew of the 'incarnation' money became more opaque and phone calls "in Kang Ji Hwan's current situation is not a part of the crew to be involved in because it is a matter between the actor and the agency, "he said , "because it was not confirmed cast parts as I can tell the crew yet no one chuui seems to be forced to watch "he said., Korea Management Association (hereafter opened maehyeop) recently determined that Kang Ji Hwan-side doctor to receive a dispute resolution , to discuss this issue separately decided. (Nov. 7 Star News exclusive coverage) Kang Ji Hwan agency S-Plus before Kang Ji Hwan entertainment activities in the future, through a lawyer, asked that informs about virtually demanded the revocation of the contract on April 22, saying annual maehyeop filed for dispute resolution. annual maehyeop after calling their side of the S-Plus and Kang Ji Hwan in this regard was expected to enter into the dispute resolution procedures. , But putting off several times requested to attend Kang Ji Hwan side to adjust to the end that the judge would not let doctors receive dispute resolution contact determines the annual maehyeop known. Kang Ji Hwan agency and who disputes the second time. Kang Ji Hwan in December 2008, the remaining eight months exclusive contract dual contract at the time, was embroiled in controversy in the aftermath of the drama appeared frustrated signifies 'god'.

    photo credit:

  • nozomikizuminozomikizumi Posts: 107Member

    “Money Demons” or ‘The Incarnation of Money’ consists of 24 episodes, and will be the third protect between writer Jang Young Chul and director Yoo In Shik after SBS “Giant” and SBS “Salary Man”

    The drama will air in mid January 2013 after “Cheongdamdong Alice” which stars Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Yoong.
  • Miky88Miky88 RomaniaPosts: 3,197Member


    Well i hope this will be the final cast because i love it...I like Hwang Jung Eum with each drama moare and more :x
    nozomikizumicahyatessieroojaewon fan
  • aemiaemi Posts: 303Member


    Unfortunately, I think this drama is in the process of being shelved. I was really looking forward to it :-(

  • nozomikizuminozomikizumi Posts: 107Member
    @aemi i am looking forward too.. maybe after the issue about Kang ji hwan company they will shoot it. because this drama is after the drama of moon geun.. they will shoot it 2013 i think.. i hope they was.
  • kiefshi1056kiefshi1056 Posts: 836Member


    is this the new series of kim you jung ? hope she would play a longer role
  • tessierootessieroo Motor Mouth Posts: 6,522Member


    Kang Ji-hwan gets back on Money train

    Read more at Dramabeans:

    It's back on! This should be great - all 3 are great actors! :-bd

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  • aemiaemi Posts: 303Member


    The second lead is Oh Yoon Ah, not Eun Jung iirc.

  • pechumoripechumori Posts: 4,001Member



    Kang Ji Hwan, overcoming controversy, is CONFIRMED as the Male Lead
    in the SBS drama "Incarnation of Money"
    by pechumori   1/3/13

    Kang Ji Hwan is confirmed as the male lead actor in the new SBS weekend drama, "Incarnation of Money'. It was difficult to cast him, the producers stepped on a variety of challenges in a situation where he is in a legal battle with the agency he belongs to for an exclusive contract issue.

    According to the SBS drama department, they wanted to wait for  Kang Ji Hwan's side and the agency's legal disputes to be resolved amicably, watching the trend a little more determined but the crew wanted Kang Ji Hwan strongly, "he said.

    Kang Ji-hwan is Lee Chadon a prosecutor who lost everything in the play for money. Oh Yoon Ah, Park Sang Min, and Kim Su-mi are part of the cast and Hwang Jung Eum is cast as the heroine.

    The writer and director of "Giant and "History of a Salaryman" are teamed up again. The filming starts on January 4, 2013. The first broadcast will be on February 2, 2013.

    references: songyoko
    and Songseungeun TV report  2013-01-03
    photo credit: TV report DB


    source:   Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 fb
  • pechumoripechumori Posts: 4,001Member


    Another article about KJH's new drama:

    Kang Ji-hwan in quarrel with agency starts "Money Incarnation"

    Actor Kang Ji-hwan who is currently in a struggle with his agency is going to star in the upcoming SBS drama "Money Incarnation".

    According to several sources, he's confirmed a role in "Money Incarnation" at the end of last month and has filmed an episode too. He is going to move forward with the schedule.

    Kang Ji-hwan is in quarrel with his former agency about his contract. A temporary standstill injunction was applied against the actor and legal process has been taken into action.

    It seemed that Kang's chances of starring in "Money Incarnation" were feeble because of his.

    Kang takes on the role of Lee Cha-don, a prosecutor who loses everything because of a loan shark's daughter and money.

    "Money Incarnation" sharply draws the social conditions of lobbying, rebating, connecting and corruption in Korea and the cast includes, Hwang Jeong-eum, Park Sang-min, Oh Yoon-ah, Park Ji-bin, Kim Soo-mi and more. To be aired after "Cheongdam-dong Alice".

    Source : Kiki Hudaku ( English )


    source: Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 FB
  • pechumoripechumori Posts: 4,001Member


    Park Ji Bin as the young Kang Ji Hwan in the "Incarnation of Money"
    by Pechumori      1/4/13

    Park Ji Bin takes on the role of a younger Kang Ji Hwan as the corrupt lawyer Lee Cha-don in the drama, "Incarnation of Money".

    Sources say, "The casting of little children can decide the future of the drama. Park Ji-bin, has enough experience and talent to express the various emotions as the young Lee Cha-don".

    According to Park Ji-bin's agency, Key East, "As compared to  the past characters he's done, this role shows more manliness. He has been in character analysis since he got the role and is also in control of his diet".

    Meanwhile, the story of "Incarnation of Money" is about a man  who deals with lobbying, rebate, connections and corruptions in the society. Because of money, he loses something important.

    Kang Ji Hwan's appearance in the drama was confirmed only yesterday by SBS. But the first shooting schedule is expected to be in mid-January, according to the officials from SBS. The first broadcast will be on February 2, 2013.

    PS. Kang Ji Hwan and the child actor, Park Ji Bin do have an uncanny resemblance to one another, right?

    References : ( English )!prettyPhoto
    gwakhyeonsu reporter 2013.01.04 2013-01-04


    source: Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 FB
    tessieroopeekaboo67jaewon fansammy23
  • pechumoripechumori Posts: 4,001Member


    This article came out last Oct. 20, 2012. I am posting it now so that you would have an idea about the synopsis of KJH's upcoming drama, "Incarnation of Money". I do not know if there have been any changes in the storyline from Oct. until now, but that's how dramas usually work.

    Hwang Jung-eum, Kang Ji-hwan as potential drama couple
    by javabeans | October 20, 2012

    Okay, so I started reading this news with a “meh” attitude, and by the time I got to the end of the page I was just about hopping in anticipation. The drama is titled Incarnation of Money (or Money Incarnate; it’s a working title and neither translation really works for me, but we’ll see what they come up with). It’s an upcoming SBS weekend show from the producers of Giant and History of a Salaryman. And it’s courting Hwang Jung-eum and Kang Ji-hwan.

    Okay, now for the details. Hwang Jung-eum (Golden Time, Can You Hear My Heart) appears to be the stronger prospect at the moment, having confirmed that she’s “favorably considering” the role (and some articles even have her as a done deal). She’ll be reuniting with the writer and director, having worked on their first project together, hit drama Giant, which surpassed 40% ratings and was a multi-generational epic. Since the team went on to claim hit number 2 with History of a Salaryman, suffice to say that Round 3 is facing some heightened expectations.

    Her character description piques my curiosity: Hwang plays the daughter of a loan shark and “knows nothing but money.” With a personality described as pragmatic and a strong work ethic, she eventually becomes the president of a savings bank. It’s a different type of heroine than we’re used to, in a dramaland that loves its leading ladies to be on the victim side of that loan shark equation; they’re always the ones being chased by the money-grubbing gangsters, not the ones on their side.
    Her character will start out “ugly” and then get an extreme makeover; she starts out overweight and wearing glasses and braces. “With tons of hard work and lots of money, she undergoes a transformation to become a top-class beauty.” I sort of groan at the necessity to make her go from extreme to extreme, but it sounds like her ugly duckling past informs the character and carries over into the present.

    Then things get wacky: Our hero named Lee Cha-don knows of her past and is in debt to her, but happens to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital on a remote island. Already I like this. Kang Ji-hwan (Coffee House, Detective Cha) can do wacky and dramatic like nobody’s business, so I’m totally seeing this. So our heroine goes to spring him from the joint, armed with faked marriage registration documents, beginning their faux-spouses routine.

    But that’s not all. Then! She starts to suspect her new not-husband of having killed her father, who died under suspicious circumstances. Just as “her ideal man” makes his appearance and kicks up the love triangle.

    This sounds cracked. And I mean that in a good way. If I hadn’t seen History of a Salaryman, my eyebrows would be UP TO HERE (points at ceiling) right now. However, since I did watch that kooky show, which had some of the zaniest comedy in recent drama history (with stellar acting and fantastic directing), I am instead really excited about Incarnation of Money (or whatever they end up calling it). Can’t you already picture it? I mean, I’m not so blinded by actor-love to be a fan of everything someone does, when that includes some real crap stuff (Lie To Me), but I am just itching for Kang Ji-hwan to be in something great that uses all of his talents.

    Some reports state that this drama, at 24 episodes, will take the post-Five Fingers weekend slot. Which happens to be previously announced as Alice in Cheongdam-dong’s slot, which makes me nervous for that show. Other reports state that Incarnation of Money will follow Alice. Do countdown clocks come with a Confused setting?
    Via Osen

    photo credit:


    source: Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 FB
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