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[Drama 2013] The Gu Family Book 구가의 서



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    edited June 2013
    ah, other than the hot hot hot hot kiss, i have to say that WR made me cry in today's episode :(( the fact that he wants to die before he becomes a full demon..ahhhhh :(( :(( :((


    *okay, back to replay kiss mode now* ;)
    what did you say? really? are you sure about that?
    I want to die then, I want to cry for WR, pitiful :((


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    edited June 2013
    Zelda said:
    It's still only 4:50 in the morning my time, but I had a sudden idea.

    What if in his anger Kang Chi broke the sword? His strength even when wearing the bracelet often goes out of control. Remember when he broke the table when Tae Seo wanted him to do the accounts and when he stabbed the broomstick through the table into the floor in front of Jo Gwan Woong?

    So, he was saying in the preview that "My family's tragedy started with this sword", right? Let's say that he, in his anger, snapped the sword in half. Wouldn't that be reason for one or both of his hands to be bloody?

    Okay, back to sleep. Looking forward to later! ^^)/~

    Thanks @Zelda!!! 
    I was thinking that KC might just hurt himself by accident, because he don't know how to handle sword. 
    But this is a way better, and more logical explanation !!!
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