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[Drama 2012] School 2013 학교2013



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    ommmooo what I'm hoping for is that Kim Woobin's character should go to Shin Won Ho... huhuhuhu.. but Lee Jong Suk is here.. so I'll try to watch...
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    Script Reading for “School” Takes Place and First Teaser Released
    jnkm November 3, 2012
    Script Reading for “School” Takes Place and First Teaser ReleasedKBS 2TV‘s new Monday/Tuesday drama “School” held its first script reading and photos of the session have been released.The script reading of “School” took place on November 1 at the KBS annex where the directors Lee Min Hong and Lee Eung Bok attended as well as the cast members such as Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Park Hae Mi, Lee Han We, Lee Jong Suk, Park Se Young, Kim Woo Bin, Ryu Hyo Young and others.The script reading was packed with about 40 actors and actresses who are to carry on the roles of Victory High School’s second-year students.

    Jang Nara will play the role of a Jung In Jae, a temporary teacher, who struggles to make a living whereas Choi Daniel will play the role of a wealthy temporary teacher, Kang Se Chan.After the script reading session was over, Lee Han We, one of the eldest actors (and who will also play the school principal) gave advice to his castmates and juniors. He said, “The more you read your script, the more ways you can express even the smallest details of each line,” making the atmosphere warm and friendly.“School” will air its pilot episode on December 3. 

    cr: soompi news
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    ‘School 2013’ Set As Official Title and Releases Group Poster of the Students
    2012-11-05 11:10  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

    The return of the School series is officially going withSchool 2013 as its title. 

    KBS made the announcement on November 5 and also released a first group poster of the actors portraying the drama’s students in their school uniforms. 

    The group poster shows the friends of Seungri High School’s second year, second class friends. Portrayed by Lee Jong Seok, Park Se Young, Kim Woo Bin, Ryu Hyoyoung and more, the realistic uniforms and the actors’ fresh faces are already being met with favorable responses. 

    A member of the drama’s production shared, “To create a realistic school-feel, we directly produced the school uniforms. We were all surprised to see how real everything looked once the actors donned the school uniforms.” 

    The original School series had four seasons, which aired from 1999 through 2002. 

    The new drama will focus on portraying realistic issues, struggles and dilemmas of today’s youths with the first episode premiering on December 3. 

    Photo Credit: KBS
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    All dressed up and ready for School

    by javabeans | November 5, 2012 | 

    Here’s our first look at the cast, in character, for KBS’s upcoming drama School 2013 — which appears to (finally!) have settled on its title after a bunch of rather half-hearted changes (they flirted with 2013 School, then School 5). You’d think if they were going to be so wishy-washy they could have at least entertained something more… well, entertaining.

    Naming aside, I’m looking forward to the show, which remakes the ’90s series that featured so many of today’s big stars. The leads in the younger generation — namely,Lee Jong-seok, Kim Woo-bin, and Park Se-young — are dressed here in uniforms; they play students in their second year of Seungri High School (so, 17- and 18-year-olds). It’s an ideal year for drama depiction (similar to how U.S. stories seem to favor junior year), given that the students are old enough to feel the turbulence of transitioning to adulthood, yet still have plenty of time ahead of them before graduating to university. And given the show’s premise, I think we’re going to be seeing plenty of adolescent turmoil and coming-of-age angst. I’m just crossing my fingers that they manage that balance in a skillful, poignant way.

    Below are photos from the recent script rehearsal, which includes the adults in the cast. Namely, Jang Nara and Daniel Choi as teachers, as well as familiar comedy faces Lee Han-wi (To the Beautiful You, Wild Romance) and Park Hae-mi (Smile Dong-hae, Unstoppable High Kick).

    Oohlala Spouses is reportedly still in talks over whether to extend by two episodes or not, but in any case that doesn’t seem to affect the premiere of School 2013, which will kick off on December 3.

    Via Asiae

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      ‘School 2013’ Cast Walks Down Memory Lane in New Teaser
      2012-11-06 15:40  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

      KBS’ School 2013 is in full production and has just released its first teaser. 

      The first teaser video shows interviews of the cast members, taken in between shooting. 

      Shot in an interview format, the cast members recall some of their own personal dreams and ambitions from their student days as well as divulging on some of their favorite memories from then. 

      School 2013 officially kicked off its shooting on November 3 at a high school in Gyeonggi-do’s Suwon. The first shoot was followed with a gosa ( a traditional good luck ceremony) as the cast and crew all wishes for good luck and safety as they shot the drama. 

      The drama’s production is aiming for a realistic portrayal of school life in Korea and the drama’s homepage is even asking current students to share some of their stories on their school life- both good and bad- with some of them being planned to be incorporated into the drama’s story line. 

      A drama production source shared, “We are pleased with the positive reaction to the first teaser and the staff and actors all have been working hard from the first day. Just as audiences are expecting, we are looking to portray an entirely different school story so we ask for your continued anticipation.”

      School 2013 premieres on December 3
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      T-ara’s Dani cast in upcoming drama ‘School (2013)’

      It has been announced that T-ara‘s upcoming member Dani has been cast alongside label mate 5doll‘sHyoyoung for the upcoming KBS 2013 version of the drama ‘School‘.
      CCM recently released a photo of Dani on set while filming the drama in a school uniform. Hyoyoung and Dani were also spotted driving to the set together and showing their support for each other. Through her participation in the drama, Dani will be making her official debut into the entertainment industry.
      5dolls’ Hyoyoung will play the role of Lee Kang Joo who is the opposite of the character played by Dani, who plays a student that is preoccupied with her looks.
      ‘School’ will premiere on December 3rd.

      cr: allkpop
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      T-ara’s Dani Joins 5Dolls’ Hyoyoung in Cast of ‘School 2013’

      2012-11-07 12:41  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

      Despite not yet having debuted with T-ara, future member Dani has become the latest Core Contents Media star to join the cast of KBS’ School 2013

      Dani will join fellow agency artist Hyo Young of 5Dolls in playing a student for the high school drama. Her character is described as a pretty student who has a lot of interest in her appearance. Hyo Young will play the tomboy student Lee Kang Joo. 

      Pictures of the two goofing off in between takes were revealed on November 7 by their agency. 

      The two are joined by a cast that includes Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Lee Jong Seok, Kim Woo Bin and more and will premiere on December 3. 

      Photo Credit: Woollim Entertainment
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      Lee Jong Suk shows off a neat look in school uniform on School 2013

      November 07, 2012 2:30 pm eternalc2h

      On November 7, some snapshots of Lee Jong Suk from KBS 2TV’s new drama series School 2013 were released.In the series, Lee plays the lead role of Go Nam Soon, a high school student who goes to school during the day and does part-time work at night. He’s an ordinary student who doesn’t have a dream.In the snapshots, Lee portrays the character, who gets unexpectedly placed in a difficult situation and has a difficult time at school.The character Go Nam Soon is expected to represent today’s students who are always worried about their grades and problems with friends.A spokesperson for the series says, “Lee Jong Suk is trying his best to portray a student who represents today’s students and to speak for them. Please look forward to Lee Jong Suk’s character Go Nam Soon in the series.”School 2013, a new drama series about students, teachers, and parents, will start airing on December 3 at 10:00 p.m.

      Source: TV Report
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      Lee Jong Seok Featured in New Stills for ′School 2013′

      2012-11-07 15:18  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Jeon Su Mi

      Translation Credit : Erika Kim  

      Lee Jong Seok has gone back to high school as a boy thoroughly bored with his classes.

      In the upcoming KBS2 drama School 2013, Lee Jong Seok will be playing the high school student Go Nam Soon. In the stills released on November 7 for the drama, he was portrayed as an 18-year-old having a hard time in school.

      Go Nam Soon works at night and aims to quietly graduate high school without any goals of his own. The stills, however, show that his school life will start to get interesting as he gets involved in an unexpected case.

      He will act as a representative for the high school students through his role and speak for them in his character′s voice.

      A source from the drama said, "Lee Jong Seok has been burning with passion in order to depict the students of today and say what they would want to say. You can look forward to seeing a different Lee Jong Seok through Go Nam Soon."

      School 2013 will air its first episode on December 3.

      Photo credit: Y Tree Media
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      Jang Nara Flawlessly Pulls Off a School Uniform
      2012-11-08 16:45  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong


      Despite being in her 30’s, Jang Nara flawlessly pulled off a school uniform as if she’s never even left high school. 

      As KBS’ new drama School 2013 prepares for its premiere, photos of the baby faced actress wearing a school uniform on set were released. 

      With her hair parted into two pig tails and a pure white face of a baby, Jang Nara reenacted her high school moments for the drama. 

      For the first time since her debut, however, Jang Nara will be instead playing a teacher in School 2013. She will be acting side by side with Choi Daniel, Yoon Ju Sang, and more. 

      The drama is set to premiere on December 3. 

      Photo Credit:
    • jjsweeter0211jjsweeter0211 Posts: 46,847Member


      Touring the set of School 2013

      by javabeans | November 8, 2012 | 

      We’ve got a bunch more stills of the cast of School 2013, some from the show proper and some that peek behind the scenes, along with a relationship chart that lays out all the future connections.

      That means school uniforms galore, and a closer look at some of our leads, starting withLee Jong-seok as the main character of the students’ generation. He’s an ordinary student with no big goals for the future apart from graduating, who works as an errand boy at night and just plods through his daily life.
      But somehow, unexpected events pop up in his life—which happen to coincide with the arrival of a transfer student—and things start to get complicated. I love Lee Jong-seok, and I think he’s got a great shot at making this character relatable and heartfelt, much as he did in High Kick 3.

      Kim Woo-bin (below) is that new transfer student, taking on the familiar role of a rebellious student. The reason for his behavior will be more apparent to us than the other characters, I suspect, because he was made to give up his dream and come to this school. Based on the relationship chart below, he has an antagonistic relationship with Lee Jong-seok, but I’m anticipating that they’ll wind up better friends than enemies. (Crosses fingers madly. I need some rivals-overcome-boundaries-and-bond-as-bros action up in here.)
      It’s a character Kim Woo-bin is in danger of being typecast for—he already has White Christmas and A Gentleman’s Dignity under his belt—but I can see how he’s perfect for that characterization. And at 23 years old, this is probably the last of his high school roles anyway.

      A few more familiar faces crop up on the student part of the relationship chart, withKwak Jung-wook rejoining with Kim Woo-bin; he was also in White Christmas, though perhaps you recall him better as Maro in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, the logical nerd friend in the rival band Strawberry Fields. In School 2013, he’ll clash with Kim Woo-bin.

      Also on the student roster is another 23-year-old (it’s a 1989-er party), Choi Chang-yub, who was most recently in Faith. I can barely recognize him, but I’m pretty sure he was one of the Suribang boys. In any case, he’ll be buddies with Lee Jong-seok.
      Then there’s Jang Nara in the teachers’ generation, although these stills have her wearing her high school uniform in what must be a flashback. My main question is, where does she hide her secretly aging portrait, or maybe the vials of unicorn blood she’s drinking to look so young? She’s 31, but looks just at home playing the student. It’s just not fair.
      In the chart, her character is listed as clashing with Daniel Choi, playing another teacher, which I just love. Because they’re going to end up falling for each other, right? You can’t cast them, set them up to bicker, and then NOT make ‘em fall for each other, can you?

      Also playing students are two girls with idol backgrounds: From 5dolls and T-ara, respectively, are Ryu Hyo-young and Dani, who play tour guides in the set of photos below, showing us around the set of the drama in between shoots.
      Dani isn’t shown on the chart and her tag bears her real name so she must be a pretty minor character, but Hyo-young has a spot and a character name, Kang-joo. Hyo-young sports a different look from her idol image, going short with the hair and light on the makeup to match her easygoing, tomboyish role. She’s listed as friend to both Lee Jong-seok and Park Se-young; those two friends have a loveline going, and so far in the student generation theirs is the only one listed. But being that we’ve got rivals and egos and hormones galore, I’m expecting a few more complications to crop up in the show.
      School 2013 is gearing up for its premiere, which will follow Oohlala Spouses on Mondays and Tuesdays. Its first episode airs December 3.

      Via NewsenOsenChosunNewsen
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      edited November 2012
      Jang Nara can pretty much pass as one of the students. LOL!

      Here's a new class picture...
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      endeavor said:
      Jang Nara can pretty much pass as one of the students. LOL!

      Not to mention, look even better than some of the student. :D

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      T-ara’s Dani appears in a school uniform for the TV series School
      November 10, 2012 6:00 pm dkrogers

      T-ara’s Dani recently expressed her feelings on wearing a school uniform for the first time in her life. She will appear on KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series School 2013, which will start airing in December.On November 10, T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, said that Dani, a 14 year-old girl, grew up in the United States and came to Korea during her vacations. She has been in Korea since she was cast in the group.Dani said, “I’m excited to wear a school uniform for the first time. I’m enjoying shooting with the other actors and actresses and I feel like I’m really attending school.”Dani also said that she is a big fan of Brownie from KBS’s Gag Concert. She released a picture of her and Brownie and said, “I always carry this picture.”Dani, who will join the group T-ara next year, plays the role of a high school girl in the series.The series will be directed by producers Lee Min Hong of School 1 and Lee Eung Bok of Dream High. Jang Na Ra, Choi Daniel, Park Hae Mi, Lee Han Oui, Lee Jong Seok, Park Se Young, Kim Woo Bin, and Ryu Hyo Yeong will appear on the series.

      Source: Starnews
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      'School 2013' 81% of People Say They Would Watch It

      "School 2013" is coming back after 10 years.

      November 12, 2012 11:40 AM EST

      image'School 2013' 81% of People Say They Would Watch It

      "School 2013" is coming back after 10 years.

      According to an online study done by KBS's citizens' panel, they asked 2,000 men and women above the age of 15 and they said that they were really interested to watch KBS's new Mon/Tues drama "School 2013."

      To the question, "Will you watch it once it starts?" 81% of people said that they definitely had interest in watching it. Among that 81%, it was the 40-50 age demographic that scored the highest. Many of them said that they would watch it with their children.

      The survey also indicated a demand for dramas that dealt with teenagers. 30.9% of all responders said that KBS needs teenage dramas and 57.7% said it was necessary overall. It looks like "School 2013" can appeal to many different generations.

      87% of the people knew about the original project and 77% knew that Jang HyukChoi Kang HeeHa Ji WonJo In SungGong Yoo and Im Soo Jung were among the few that went through the 'School' series.

      Director Lee Min Hong said, "I hope to raise the issues that all generations should worry about through this teenage drama. We hope to also become a tent pole for future 'School' series to come."

      "School 2013" will begin airing on December 3rd.

      © 2012 All right reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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      T-ara’s Dani appears on a TV series with 5 Dolls’ Hyoyoung
      November 13, 2012 6:00 pm dkrogers

      Pictures of T-ara’s Dani and 5 Dolls’ Hyoyoung were recently released and drew a lot of attention.On November 13, the agency, Core Contents Media, released pictures of Dani and Hyoyoung shooting KBS’s new series School 2013.Dani and Hyoyoung are eating sugary junk foods in school uniforms. The two girls were cast in the series together and are helping each other like real sisters.Since Dani has been living in abroad for a long time, she has never had those sugary junk foods in Korea. Dani plays the role of Kim Dani, who is very interested in her looks, and Hyoyoung plays the role of Lee Kang Joo, who is like a tomboy.The series, starring Jang Na Ra, Choi Daniel, Park Hae Mi, Lee Han Oui, Yoon Joo Sang, and Oh Young Sil as teachers, and Lee Jong Seok, Park Se Young, Kim Woo Bin, Dani, and Hyoyoung as students, will start airing on December 3 after the current airing series Ohlala Couple goes off air.

      Source: TV Report
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      ‘School 2013’ to be Postered on Schools Nationwide

      2012-11-14 12:23  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

      School 2013 is about to start and it’s ready to let students know. 

      On November 14, the production company for KBS’ new drama School 2013 will be spreading the three versions of the official drama poster to a total of 5,473 schools in South Korea. 3,186 will go to middle schools, while 2,287 will be posted at high school. 

      Two of the posters highlight the life of the current students, as well as the teachers when they were students. 

      A production staff member said, “With these familiar posters, we hope to bring the honest image of school to our viewers and allow them to relate to the generations. We’ll do our best to create a good drama that both students and parents can watch. Please anticipate it.”

      School 2013 stars Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Seok, Park Sae Young, and more. 

      It will premiere on December 3 after the conclusion of Ohlala Couple

      Photo Credit: KBS
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