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[Drama 2013] That Winter, The Wind Blows/Wind Blows in Winter 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 OY visited OS page 743



  • bibidepbibidep Posts: 2,250Member


    edited February 2013
    Can anyone help me link to the post with the torrent links to dl the episodes? please please?
    I tried to find it on the first page but I can't seem to find it....thankyou!! :)

    You can go back to page 112 for ep. 5, and click on the ep 5 and the list of all the episodes in there.

    I just rewatch the preview of ep. 6 again.  I think the Fiance kiss OY first and after that OS came and try to kiss her to.
    I saw in the preview the clothes that OY wear when she come to see HS is the same the one that OS run after OY. 
    OY get mad at OS too.  May be HS already told OY about OS's reason to be near her.  I hope after that OS try to win
    OY over and kiss her, for real.   Just my wishful thinking.
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  • hergurlchergurlc USAPosts: 428Member


    leegary said:
    how dare JIS slap my gorgeous SHK lol how dare he!

    I like totally didn't expect that slap watching that episode, I was like W.T.H?! I found it so random..haha
    did he do that knowing that little OY and OS had the same kind of situation? or did he just do to knock some sense into her?
  • msbae77msbae77 Posts: 130Member


    @sunshine4ever - not sure if my opinion counts but I would say just leave it there for the minority sake... unless it becomes a nuisance, like taking up too much characters in a limited space instead of more helpful details.
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