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[Drama 2013] That Winter, The Wind Blows/Wind Blows in Winter 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 OY visited OS page 743

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English title: That Winter, The Wind Blows / Wind Blows in Winter
Korean Title: 그 겨울, 바람이 분다
Director: Kim Gyu Tae
Scriptwriter: Noh Hee Kyung
Producers: Lee Dong Hoon (이동훈), Lee Young Joon
Genre: Melodrama
Network: SBS
Air Time: Wed. & Thurs. @ 9:55 pm KST
Episodes: 16
Filming Date: November 2012
Release Date (Broadcast): February 13, 2013
Press Conference: January 31, 2013

Adaptations from: Don’t Need Love, Summer  &  Love Me Not
Official Site:  That Winter The Wind Blows
Streaming with English subs: DramaFever | Viki | Details about DF & Viki & ShowBoom
Websites to watch/streaming live: [#1]
| [#2] | Chingzy (good site) | #3
Clips with English subs: Teaser 1 | Teaser 2 | Teaser 3 | Teaser 4 (no subs) | Drama Special
Recap websites: CouchKimchi (tessieroo & clockwatcher)
| Softy's Blog (live recaps) | DramaBeans


Main Cast
 Jo In Sung
as Oh Soo
    Song Hye Kyo
as Oh Young
    Kim Bum
as Park Jin Sung
    Jung Eun Ji
as Moon Hee Sun

Extended Cast
    Bae Jong Ok
as Wang Hye Ji
    Kim Tae Woo
as Jo Moo Chul
    Kim Kyu Chul
as Jang Sung
    Kim Young Hoon
as Lee Myung Ho
    Seo Hyo Rim
as Jin So Ra
    Im Se Mi
as Son Mi Ra

Lee Tae Woo as child Oh Soo
    Choi Seung Kyung
as Shim Joong Tae
    Han Jung Hyun (한정현)
as Kim Jung Hyun
    Go In Bum
as Park Jin Sung's father
    Kyung Soo Jin
as Moon Hee Joo
    Kim Jong Hyun (김종현)
as gangster
    Lee Jae Woo
as Oh Soo (Oh Young's older brother) (cameo)
    Yoo Gun
as Jung Woo (cameo)

Characters Descriptions



Oh Soo (Zo In-Sung), known as the best gambler in the Cheongdam neighborhood, lives a meaningless life. His parents dumped him at an early age and he lost his first lover. Meanwhile, Oh Young (Song Hye-Kyo) is the heir to a large corporation, but she lives a lonely existence. She lost her eyesight at an early age and her father recently passed away. Their fate soon becomes intertwined. (credit to

Please click HERE or scroll down to post 2 for a news directory.

Interviews (after TWTWB ended):
[Interview①] ‘That Winter’ Oh Soo, a very sexy man in my eyes (04-07-13)

(last updated 6/19/13
Special Preview Jan. 8th

9 minutes teaser / 9 minutes English translations by khxy
Posters Shooting & Interview Part.1  (JIS & SHK)
TWTWB Press Conference from Arirang (in English subs) #1 (2-19-13)
Good Morning SBS BTS 37 mins JIS & SHK only (3-8-13)
Good Morning SBS BTS 37 mins + KB & JEJ cut (3-9-13)
Good Morning SBS BTS 37 mins video with English translation by Softy (3-8-13)
Lee Young Ja and Shin Dong Yeop to Parody Song Hye Gyo and Zo In Sung in ‘That Winter’ (3-9-13)
TWTWB Press Conference from Arirang (English subs) #2 longer than Feb version (3-15-13)
Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo's Press Conference Translation by khxy video clips included (3-16-13)
Song Hye Kyo & Jo In Sung's interviews parts 1 & 2 subbed & provided by DramaFever (3-16-13)
TWTWB Press Conference in March 2013 with JIS, SHK, and Director & some pics from old press conference (3-17-13)
JO IN SUNG and KIM KYU TAE Acceptance Speech for TWTWB at 19th Shanghai TV Festival with English subs (6-19-13)
TWTWB Director's Cut released on Daum Cafe (6-19-13)


Music Videos:
We Meet In Dreams
Sand Painting of Oh Soo & Oh Young (3-16-13)
Shaylaman's MV: Timeless  (3-16-13)
muabuonkst's MV: Taeyeon - And One + Day By Day
Bite of Strawberry's OS & OY's  happy moments MVs (4-13-13)


Listen to full OST album on Youtube


OST # 1:  Yesung (예성) - 먹지 (Gray Paper) / English Translation

Official Music Video Part 1 (with English subs)

OST #2 The One (더 원) - 겨울사랑 (A Winter Story)  /  EnglishTranslation

OST #3 Gummy - Snow Flake
English Lyrics Translation / Song with English subs
Gummy Sings Snow Flakes Music Video

OST #4 SPICA - Tears Fallin  (ENG SUB)

Gifs below credit to shaylaman

image image

Script Reading
Press Conference pictures p. 38 & onwards
Different Version of Posters For TWTWB
BTS pictures from High Cut Magazine thanks to Shanda's site (3-9-13)
Posters taken by fans (3-9-13)
TWTWB's Screen Captures Facebook
TWTWB Essay Books' pictures #1

Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo
[#1] ||  [#2]
| [oxygen couple]
Teaser pg. 24-25
Special teaser on pg. 25-27

BTS for episode 3
Back hug (ep 3) art
Oh Soo & Oh Young on mountain
Fan made of both from various dramas/offscreen pics (3-9-13)
Filming Locations in Various Seasons (3-9-2013)
Jo In Sung BTS
Jo In Sung BTS 2

Song Hye Kyo BTS
Youngie's hiding place BTS

Oh Young's bear key chain

Oh Soo's Bracelet's pictures & how to make it
Oh Soo's & Oh Young's phones in this drama

Gifs below credit to Agie

         image image


Insung & Hyekyo Batch #1
That Winter, The Wind Blows poster by pangia
Hye Kyo Drawn Art + gif #1

Hye Kyo & In Sung eating cotton candy drawn art
Drawing of Oh Soo by ellennguyen
Oh Young with Cotton candy

Beauty and the Beast (3-9-13)
Insung & Hyekyo @ Chinese Film Festival Posters by KyoRean (6-19-13)
Insung & Hykyo TWTWB posters by KyoRean (6-29-13)



Date Aired / Episode 
TNmS Nationwide  
TNmS Seoul 
AGB Nationwide 
AGB Seoul
02-13-2013 /  01
02-13-2013 /  02
02-14-2013 03
12.3%  14.4%  12.4%
02-20-2013 /  04
12.5% 14.0%
14.1%   15.5%   
02-27-2013 / 06
11.5% 12.8%
02-28-2013 / 07
03-06-2013 / 08 11.3%
13.3% 14.8%
03-07-2013 / 09 13.5% 15.5% 14.4% 16.1%
03-13-2013 / 10 12.3% 14.7% 14.2%  16.1%
03-14-2013 / 11 12.1% 13.6% 14.9% 16.9%
03-20-2013 / 12 11.6% 13.6%
03-21-2013 / 13 13.6%
15.3% 17.3%
03-27-2013 / 14 12.7%
03-28-2013 / 15 13.6% 15.6%
04-03-2013 / 16 15.4% 19.1% 15.8% 18.2%

Sources for Ratings: TNmS Media Korea, AGB Nielsen Korea, D-Addicts Wiki, and jordi @ Soompi

How to post pictures in this thread
How to not quote images/videos and how to post video

^Poster credits to KyoRean @ Soompi

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR CONTRIBUTORS (not listed in order of importance):
chrissy96 (translations for teaser) / khxy (news, interviews & character translations) / putriN (news/pics/videos) / utkim (news/pics/videos) /  jjsweeter0211 (news/pics/videos) / ria19 ((news/pics/videos) / shaylaman (news/pics/ subbed videos) / freshspring (news/pics/videos) / jasan (pictures/information) / jordi (ratings) / ZarraJae (live recap) / p1n6an2012 (live recap) / forevergirl (live recap) / lyra_brillantez (pics / fanarts) / Softy (interview translations & previews on her blog) / kdramafanusa (news translations) / ayronics (news translations) / luluwannagohome (news/clips translations) / KyoRean (arts & posters) / and everyone who posted news/pics/videos. I wrote a thank you note to everyone after the drama ended, and you can read it here. Cast & characters' names credit to Wiki.


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