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[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원



  • jwandjwand Posts: 1,674Member


    I never regretted continuing to watch 7LCS rather than other dramas. I was in the mood for something lighthearted. Every week there were very entertaining moments. Seo Won's brother rarely gets mentioned but it was very funny how quickly he transformed from being protective of his sister to urging Gil Ro to go for it.
    IL MARE / SIWORAE  시월애
  • tamtatamta Posts: 32Member
    please tell me from where can i download last episode?  
  • daydreamsindecemberdaydreamsindecember Posts: 312Member


    @ezze: That scene of GR and SW cuddling/comforting each other is my favorite too! Don't know if its just me but JW and CKH looked so so much in love, as if the world and time stood still, crew and everyone else disappeared, and there was only 2 of them. JW even seemed like he wanted to nuzzle and kiss her head 8->
  • sunshine4eversunshine4ever touched by Grace with JaeminPosts: 7,510Friend of Soompi


    Below is an article I read yesterday and I managed to translate it between house chores.


    @manyearsago, thanks so much for the translations for this news on page 258. Do you by any chance know if this article has a title?
    Praying for peace for countries at war during
    this time as well as victims of war. <333

  • manyearsagomanyearsago Posts: 559Member


    Below is an article I read yesterday and I managed to translate it between house chores.


    @manyearsago, thanks so much for the translations for this news on page 258. Do you by any chance know if this article has a title?
    Yes there is a title.

    Clean romantic comedy “7th Grade Civil Servant” finished its airing, its story line was not forcibly established.......... it was disappointing but still alright

  • mrdimplesmrdimples Joo Won's Woman In An Alternate WorldPosts: 7,065Member


    7th Level Civil Servant ep 19 recap full version

    SW and G moves quickly into the room and there they find Mirae looking as if she has been expecting them all this while. While, we viewers certainly weren’t expecting Mirae. If anyone lost their pants betting on this outcome, I’d recommend any tailor except that of G’s. I have never seen such an ill-fitting pair of pants on someone whose assets are quite legendary.

    SW and G point their guns at Mirae who seems a tad amused. Maybe she called for room service. G checks the room and it’s clear. Eh…did he check if little JJ is soaking in the bathtub, still waiting for his towel? After giving Mirae a pat down, SW checks her bag and finds nothing too. Smiling smugly, Mirae sits down in the armchair. SW asks where is Choi Woo Jin and Mirae doesn’t answer her, saying that maybe he is not that far away. Cuts to little JJ walking intensely down the hotel corridor. Who let this boy out of the bathtub? Huh? Who gave him the towel? Meanwhile the 3 are sitting down, chatting. G asks Mirae how could she keep up the pretense all this while? Me thinks it wasn’t difficult. She just had to go for facials, manicures, hair salon and look pretty plotting much ado about nothing in bars and cars. But Mirae retorts it was the country who made her into what she has become. Then she asks why aren’t they arresting her? G says they will. Mirae says they have no charge against her to which G answers that Mirae is an accomplice involved in the death of a civil servant, they have the witness and evidence. SW starts to ask about Mirae’s family. Mirae asks if she is curious. I wonder too. SW looks too emotionally vested. I really don’t understand why is this popping up now. SW asks Mirae if it’s true that her entire family was wiped out and Mirae curtly tells her to find out the answers herself.

    Little JJ stops at the door. I am admiring his side profile here, such beautiful lashes he has. He does his brooding pose for the benefit of the viewers before he opens the door. Or so it seems. Inside the room, G and SW are alerted when doorbell rings. G asks Mirae to answer it. And they both point their guns at her back while she catwalks to the door. Lo and behold, it’s not our bathtub boy, it’s the bathtub old boy, the Director himself. Meanwhile, little JJ has stepped into another room which is all empty except a 4 poster bed. He takes off his jacket and flings it on the bed. Then he slumps into the armchair and brood. Andwae!!!!!! You’ve got to take off more clothes and not let that 4 poster bed go to waste!

    Director steps into the room and finds SW and G pointing their guns at him. He asks them to put their weapons down. He remarks that they aren’t personnel who are supposed to be armed, who issued them weapons? G tells him that he should know that Mirae is in cahoots with Choi Woo Hyuk and the Director asks them back if they suspect he is in cahoots with Mirae then? He tells them to put down their guns again but SW says they won’t till they get an explanation from him. Director says that he is still on the case of Choi and Mirae is helping him then he makes a side glance to Mirae, signaling to her to back him up. Mirae sarcastically says that even if she wants to help, the kids aren’t behaving. Mirae asks if they should all join in the meeting since G and SW have so many questions. Director shouts at them to get out when they show no sign of moving.

    G and SW have no choice but to drop their weapons and haul their butts out. SW is shocked and wonders what’s going to happen now. G says that they should apply what they have learnt i.e. if they are not certain who the enemy is, treat everyone as a potential enemy. G says both the Director and WS know Choi Heong Soo so that once they contact each other the following day, it will be the final showdown. Eh…how did G come to this conclusion? I can only deduce that it’s the writer speaking to give us heads up since the next episode is the grand finale. SW calls YS who is shocked that the Director turned up at the scene, she calls them to back down immediately. DH also gets the instruction.

    Director asks Mirae if she intends to pull everyone down together. Mirae tells him to hand over WS but Director insists that he is still trying to find out where WS is. Mirae says she need to confirm if that’s the truth. Director says that this is how it works, he will not have access to information not intended for him. Mirae asks if that’s how he has risen to the position all these years and held on to it? That no one knows his past? Director smiles and tells her that if she intends to blackmail him, she has chosen the wrong person. Mirae will have none of that and tells him that he has 2 days to comply otherwise she will find other ways. She adds that G and SW seem very curious to know what had happened in the past. Director warns Mirae but tells her to meet up in 2 days’ time. Right after he steps out, Director calls DH and asks about his meeting with G. DH says that he is on his way now. Director tells him to cancel the meeting and leave it to him to handle G.

    Meanwhile SM wakes up from a catnap and her laptop pings her of little JJ’s location at Emblem Hotel. Eh? Didn’t that happened in the previous episode when little JJ checked in? I don’t understand why SM looks surprised as if she is seeing it for the first time. Did she wake up from a slumber or amnesia? Equally baffling, Mirae knows that little JJ is being tracked and tells him to get out of the hotel room immediately. Wait! Why did he check in in the first place? Brood on the armchair? He hasn’t used the bathtub or the 4 poster bed!

    Back at the NIS office, YS has a meeting with the agents. SM reports that little JJ checked out soon and there must be a leak in intel. G says it’s the Director. DH says that it’s impossible because the Director is working with Mirae to catch little JJ. G says that Mirae and little JJ are tight, no way they can betray each other. DH asks how did G come to this conclusion. G says that Mirae and little JJ’s fathers are friends. DH is annoyed that they kept the information from him and YS calls him out for bickering. YS says before they capture him, they themselves might be arrested. She tells G to reveal all that he knows. G says he doesn’t know the details except that it has something to do with WS’s mission in the past. YS demands to know about that mission but neither G nor SW would budge on the information. SM gets angry too and leaves in a huff followed by DH. After they left, YS presses G and SW saying that at least they can tell her. SW says she needs to get WS’s permission first. Upon hearing this, YS is disappointed that they don’t even trust her so she says they don’t need her anymore and she leaves too.

    SW and G reaches home and they talk in the car. SW says it’s better if they were to reveal it but G doesn’t think so. He says that they can’t do it when they don’t even know the exact details and how can they let known their suspicion that WS was involved in the annihilation of the 2 families. SW agrees. Then G says that he can’t go home because his mother will nag at him, he can’t go back to office either because the Director is after him. So when he can’t take it any longer, he will hold her hand like this. While saying this, G holds SW’s hand. He says he also wants her to feel that they are in this together. SW says she has always felt that way. At this, G turns and looks more intently at SW. Eh…are we leading into something here? Take off your seatbelts first, shall we? Then G thanks SW and calls her “Kyung-Ja ssi” SW laughs and bids him farewell and she steps out of the car. G smiles at her. WT* That’s it? Not even a goodnight kiss? And is G to spend the night in the car? I cannot. Comprehend.

    WS is awake lying on the hospital bed, his wife has fallen asleep by his side His thoughts are still on his conversation with the Director that fateful night and the Director’s damning words about sacrifice. Then, he pulls his wife coat to cover her, I just wish he could reveal his condition to her and make up.

    G and Mom meet in the café. How come the blue colored drink is missing this time round, oh are they promoting new flavor of the month? Mom asks indignantly what sort of name is ‘Kyung Ja’ but G defends it saying it’s cute. He says a person cannot be judged by their name. Mom doesn’t relent saying that it’s a sign of one’s standard or rather the lack of. Mom is angry that G is still speaking in their defense when he got his hair pulled. Mom calls the family uneducated, lacking in manners and upbringing. She tells him not to meet her again. G pouts like a small boy and flatly refuses. Mom immediately suspects that he has done something with SW and asks if he has committed any act that needs bearing of responsibility, meaning that he slept with her. Okay for this drama, they could go on sleeping, literally and nothing near the act that requires bearing responsibility ever happens. Mom meant to ask has G had sex with SW? G stiffens up and says Yes. LOL. Gosh, if Mom ever knew, sigh. Mom gets really mad and beats G. G gallantly says that since he has given his heart to someone, he should bear responsibility. Mom is at her wits’ end. She calls SW a liar who wants to steal her son. G turns Mom’s words on her, the one that she had said about Fate sneaking in like a thief and then he tells her he won’t be back for days and scoots off. Meanwhile, SW’s Mom is telling her the same thing, not to meet G again. Mom goes on about the cost of the wine and says that she can’t be in a relationship with a guy whose family spends money like that. She adds that G probably does nothing but sing and drink and has no manners to boot. Not to mention, he airs his underwear in someone else’s room. She ends off by telling her that she can only be with Master Gilro over her dead body. Ignoring her mom most of the time and unable to get a word in anyway, SW leaves some money for her mom to go back and goes off to work. Strange, I wonder what happened to her Dad? No, no, not complaining…my bladder is empty. Thank you.

    G and SW meet at a park and goes off in G’s car, unaware that little JJ is tailing them. SW asks G if he too has received orders from Director to meet. G asks if she is worried but SW says they’ll have to face it when it comes. Then G asks if Mom said anything, SW doesn’t answer and asks G the same question about his mom. He lies and says that of course, his mom likes her and is grateful to her for bringing the family together. SW is doubtful but G says that she can believe him for eternity. Then he asks about her mom. She says that her mom likes him too, as he can sing and drink well. LOL. And thanks to him, her dad’s plans for the village went through. G looks at SW and holds her hand and tells her not to change. To remain the same and hold on to each other like they are now, even in times of crisis. SW gets worried and asks if something happened? G says nothing of that sort, just that they are going into the meeting with the Director. All this while, little JJ has been tailing them on his hot black motorbike. Man, this boy is rocking it on that machine. I’d have noticed him a mile away. Anyway at the traffic lights, both pulled to a stop and little JJ goes right up beside G’ car and burns a hole in the window with his intense glare. SW doesn’t notice him at all. My goodness, so ridiculous. Isn’t it enough that the villain has to pull up so close especially when his job is not to scare them but to tail them and aren’t NIS agents supposed to have a more heightened sense of awareness? I guess if it hasn’t been happening in the past 18 eps, fat chance it will happen now.

    At NIS HQ, Director fires questions at G and SW but they refuse to answer any. Finally Director asks who is their leader and flashback to YS telling the team that if they are asked this question, they should name her. But G answers that they can’t divulge that either. SW pipes in to say that they are concerned about WS and that’s why they acted. Director says that in that case they acted out of their own anger and sense of justice. There is no place for people like them who act as individuals and not as a team. Their failings will become the team’s failing. Director fires them on the spot and asks if they have any dissension. He gives them one more chance to tell him who is the one instructing them but both SW and G refuses to tell. Just then YS comes in and greets the Director, owning up that she is their leader. She says she has somehow lost it when their comrade died, WS got attacked and the team disbanded. The Director gets livid and YS requests to discuss this with him alone. Director reinstates G and SW but tells them not to act without further instruction. He then dismisses them. Alone, Director tells YS that he can’t fire her, he would be letting WS down. Oh…he has a conscience? YS tells him to cover up then but he says that things have blown up beyond his control. Slyly, he proceeds to ask her where is WS? But YS knows better than to tell him. He then orders her to go to the interrogation room. She tells him to end this matter soon so that she can get married. Hahaha. As YS walks out , she is greeted by SW and G who have not left as they are concerned about her. She lies and tells them that she has settled the matter. She instructs them to continue with their duties and that she won’t be back for a few days because she has to write the report.

    Director meets some top executive in the construction business. Seems like he has a hold on this guy because the latter sold some trade secrets and the Director helped him to cover up. Now, he is using that to threaten him into making a deal.

    Little JJ is sitting his cute little a** on the bar stool for possibly the last time or one of the last times before this drama ends. He and Mirae are discussing over drinks. Predictable. Little JJ thinks that he is very close to finding out where WS is. Mirae tells him to be careful as they picked up his location at the hotel. Little JJ says that that their last card is Kim Seo Won. They just need to catch her and G will spill the beans.

    G and SW goes to visit WS at the hospital. There, G narrates to WS all that has happened although he assumes that WS is still unconscious. Then WS speaks up, shocking G and SW. Eh… didn’t he open his eyes last episode and beseeched them not to tell anyone. Amnesia? Oh okay…..moving along. G shouts and SW too, WS has to tell them to lower their voices. I think he’d have kicked them if he could. He says that he can’t let his wife know that he has regain consciousness as he cannot tell her the truth. Also, he will be jeopardizing their safety by moving back home. He feels sorry towards his family. SW thinks it’s a pity he can’t let his family know and suggests that he seeks protection. WS sighs and says there’s an enemy within. SW’s eyes opens and looks at G.

    SW asks if it’s the Director who WS is referring to? She tells him that they know almost everything except the reason why they had to sacrifice Choi Heong Soo. WS says of course there is a reason. SW reiterates her belief that there must be but WS lets that the reason is for the sake of the country. He cannot let his personal feelings come into play if it is at the country’s expense. He continues that everyone is part of the country and harming them is equivalent to harming the country. So he sighs and concludes there is no reason that can bear the weight of his actions. He asks if they still want to be an agent like him. G says he wants to because at least WS’s conscience is alive. SW asks WS if they can reveal the matter and WS says it’s time they do so. Only by bringing it out to the open, can the mistake be corrected. He tells SW that he will take care of the past while they take care of the future(He could mean Mirae because her name literally means future). Whatever. We’ll take of little JJ, bath time is happy time. SW and G walks out of the hospital ward looking into each other’s eyes and holding hands. Me not liking it much, there’s a sense of foreboding when kdrama couples start to talk about staying together for eternity and being by each other’s side no matter what happens. They sound like love vows or promises but you have watched your share of kdramas to qualify as a bona fide fan, you’ll know that it’s a sign of stormy weather ahead. They haven’t taken any selcas, right? Okay, still safe, barely.

    Director rendezvous with DH at some pavilion. He asks if he has the experience of killing any one? DH simply answers that he was in the military. Director tells him that it’s a sniper mission for him. DH asks about the objective and target but Director chides him for asking too much and tells him to just focus on succeeding in the mission which is to take place the following night.

    DH has arranged to meet up with SM. When he is back with the coffee, he sees her doing another drawing of him and smiles. But SM is embarrassed to be found out and asks what he wants? DH asks her for a personal favour and it’s one that is going to flout the rules. He needs her to find out the identity of the person who is the target of his mission. SM is pissed that he assumes that she will help him and refuses. DH pleads with her saying that he cannot shoot someone without knowing who it is. This finally gets SM’s attention and she asks him to tell her about the mission. DH says he can’t and tells her that she is the only one he can count on in times like this.

    Cuts to SW’s empty bed. All right, do you really have to rub it in, show? Then we see our dear couple having a tea ceremony, eyes closed, legs crossed, each breathing in slowly and deeply. While we viewers at home are staring at our screens with eyes wide opened, jaws slacked, each of us taking short sharp breaths, sharping our knives for some slaughter ceremony of a known individual. Okay, let our captive show his trick or two before we bring down the cleaver, shall we? As SW slowly pours out the water(yeah, they cannot even afford green tea if it’s not sponsored) and G slowly brings up the cup to his lips, smiling as he sips, we hear blood vessels popping in the audience. So much for calming nerves, huh? They then decide that it’s not working and try drinking to clear the minds instead. Really, I can point out to them something much more effective with no hangovers and more pleasurable too. Oh, that beer is sponsored? Why is everything about money, can you do something for your nation, show? Think of the demographic crisis!

    SW ponders what does it mean to be a NIS agent? G says although he doesn’t fully understand WS, he thinks it’s inevitable that he had to make choices like those made. Then SW asks a hypothetical question: if they are both on the mission and G has to leave her behind, will he? G asks her back the same question but of course SW insists she asked first. G says that he will have to put the mission first and leave her behind. That’s how they were trained. Awww….you silly boy, haven’t you learnt anything about your puppy heart? SW says the same thing. Isn’t this obvious that one of them is going to be in a situation like the hypothesis? Gaaaah…. Anyway, their drinking ends with both dispirited and SW saying that she is going to turn in for the night. G pouts.

    YS is in the interrogation room with an agent who is obviously still wet behind his ears. He gets an earful from her and she demands to cut to the chase and get a proper guy in for the job. The guy insists that he has to complete his task and YS asks him if there is any man that he can introduce to her. That’s funny.

    Back to SW and G, SW is sleeping on her bed and G comes over to the side and calls her but gets no response. He is disappointed that she is already asleep. He tells her that in reality, he would never leave her behind because without her, there is nothing in the country he wants to protect. Aww…then he bends down and kisses her on her cheek. As he walks away, SW opens her eyes. She suddenly gets up from her bed and dives under the covers with G. Here’s where we see viewers’ pulse rates go off the charts and some start to hyperventilate while others open their mouths wide. Could this be the moment we all have been waiting for. It feels as if show is announcing the winner of the big sweep lottery. I don’t know what exactly is SW doing under the covers but when she appears from under, she covers her eyes. Hello? Is G naked or something? I mean he sure is wearing a shirt as we can obviously see. Don’t tell me he is naked down there? Anyway, she cuddles up to him and G is totally taken aback, disbelieving his luck. Or so he thinks. He stutters: “Seo Won, though I have been preparing for this…” He doesn’t get to finish as SW tells him not to move. Huh? So G takes to patting her on her shoulder like you’d a baby. But then his hand starts to move downwards and she says: “S-T-O-P. I’ll leave(if you continue)” G grumbles that he doesn’t know if women can sleep in this manner but men can’t. But she would have none of it. So G has no choice. It’s sweet that he actually holds her in his arms in one and he uses the other hand to stroke her head. Meanwhile, I hear more cussing, arteries bursting, plates breaking, furniture hurled and broken, tears shed in anger and hundreds of shippers’ heart being broken into tiny shards. Cleaver? Anyone?

    At G’s office,  Mr Ma a.k.a. the man with a horrid wig comes in early to put breakfast for YS. It’s sweet but she doesn’t appreciate it as long as there’s that roadkill on his head.

    SM is going crazy, trying to guess who is it that DH is tasked to kill and angrily slash her pencil over his drawing while DH sits pretty by the pond, with the same worry on his mind. He gets a message from the Director on the location of the kill.

    SW and G meets YS to tell her about the whole story, G says that the surviving children are in for revenge. YS laments that WS must be saddled with guilt. She asks if SW and G are all right, whether they are disappointed? She continues that they have no right to be disappointed with SW as they might do the same thing if they had been in his shoes. SW feels sorry for the children a.k.a. Mirae and little JJ. YS thinks otherwise. But SW insists and says that if the agency cannot apologize then she must. G adds that he will apologize too otherwise he won’t capture them. YS gets more exasperated and asks G to get her coffee.

    DH and Director are both on their way separately to the location. Director tells DH not to fail. When DH reaches the rooftop, he sets up his position. Meanwhile Mirae calls Director to asks if he has arrived and Director says he is on his way. Mirae arrives first at the rooftop and DH recognizes her immediately. He calls SM and tells her. His call gets cut in by Director who tells him to stay on the line and report if he sees anyone else. SM can’t get through to DH and she calls SW to tell her that DH is on mission to kill Mirae. SW says he can’t kill Mirae. And then she jumps into G’s car and they both rush to the location. SW tries to call DH but doesn’t get to him. G deduces that he must be on the line with Director so they should call the Director and if he is only engaged, they will know for sure. True enough the Director’s line is also busy. So I learn a new thing, call waiting doesn’t exist, huh? G and SW do not realize that little JJ has been tailing them on his bike.

    Director appears at the rooftop and tells DH that when he accomplished his mission, they can go for drinks. Oh gawd. Mirae asks for WS but Director cracks his jokes and laughs, saying that he doesn’t know. Mirae gets really pissed, saying that didn’t she tell him this is the last day? The Director tells her that if she were to give him that last name list, he promise to let her leave the country safely. Mirae says it’s just so typical of NIS style. She has no choice but to get rid of him and the Director says he will do the same. He is just a few points short of his next promotion. So with her in his hands, he will have no problem achieving it. The Director holds up that hard drive and tells Mirae of how he intends to use it to implicate her as having stolen those secrets. DH recognizes the hard drive as the one which he had been tasked by the Director to take from a guy some time ago. Director tells Mirae this is how she will die that is caught in the act of stealing those secrets and downed by NIS. Mirae asks tearfully if it wasn’t enough to kill her parents but also to kill the children? Director tells her not to seek revenge should she be reincarnated. She should love and live life. I don’t know why she is so shocked by his betrayal but anyway she demands an apology from him now. She pulls out her gun and points at him. Director smiles confidently and walks away with his back against her. I wonder why is he so confident in DH’s sniping ability? DH gets an order from Director who tells him to shoot. DH seems undecided as he aims at Mirae. Meanwhile G reaches the rooftop first and gets DH off the rifle. DH says he has a mission to accomplish but G warns him. They end up punching and fighting each other. SW reaches too and tells DH he mustn’t kill Mirae but DH replies that then Director will die. SW widens her eyes in surprise. I really wonder why? Didn’t they already come to the conclusion? SW hurries to the sniper position and sees Mirae still pointing her gun at Director. This is so absurd. The Director should know that something is amiss when he can still hear Mirae cursing him as he walked away. Surely, he would have turn around or panic that DH is not doing his job? I really can’t understand. Mirae says that she has to get his apology or else she will shoot him dead. Honey, just pull that darn trigger, will yeah? Oh man this is more like a lovers’ quarrel than a life or death situation. DH yells at SW to shoot and G yells don’t. Finally SW takes an aim at Mirae’s arm and Mirae falls to the ground. DH and G stare in shock. As Mirae starts to get up and walk, SW shoots her in the leg. G tells her not to shoot anymore and SW shouts at them to go over to that building. As they rushed over, SW sees Mirae pointing a gun to her temple. Mirae is crying as she remembers JJ breathing his last. SW is sobbing even more than Mirae, I wonder if she can even aim. But she does and Mirae falls to the floor.


    This episode feels so slow for a good 65 minutes. The opening was the most anti-climax thing I have ever seen. I know that dramas like to use cliffhangers to get viewers in suspense and tune in for the next episode. I am fine with these tricks as long as I get entertained. And often, the opening scenes are not quite what viewers expect. Some dramas do it in a clever way and get away with them but some don’t. The opening of this episode went flat like a pancake. I don’t even know why JJ is there? Maybe it’s explained somewhere but there are so many plot holes and inconsistencies that our brains are overwhelmed.

    Our couple gets a little development on the issue of unwavering commitment. It is probably a setup for an inevitable showdown in the finale. I know that many were disappointed with the outcome of that cuddle under the blanket. Can I say that it is not so much that viewers are sex starved as much as this couple just isn’t behaving like what normal people do. I am sorry I have to apportion most of the blame to Seo Won. I am not advocating that she dives into a sexual relationship with any man. But given her age and the stage in their relationship, I find it incomprehensible that she does not allow anything more than a kiss or holding of hands. If one were to bring up the sanctity of sex within marriage then why ask for a cuddle when you know best “ Flee temptation”? I know that there are limits to what can be shown on a drama but I don’t think viewers are demanding explicit scenes. We just want our couple to act like ordinary and mature adults.

    My biggest beef with the episode is, however, not any of these. It’s with the ending scene. I find the whole setup and the individual reactions ludicrous. Shouldn’t these NIS agents be more level headed? If they cannot even deal with a situation like this and let their emotions go into an overdrive, I wonder how else can they perform under more demanding ones? I get that SW and G are nice people with a conscience and wanting to right a wrong. But this is no place for emotions to get the better of you. They should have been more level headed in capturing Mirae with as little hurt inflicted as possible. And what did they mean by unless they apologize to her first, they can’t capture her? *throws my hands up in the air*

    As I watched the preview, I am fearful of how the story will wrap up. I hope the show did not forget that it’s a rom-com. Once we get our villains, Big and Small out of the way, we should have the confetti and popping of champagne. Tearful farewells and tragic deaths are totally out of sync.

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