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[Drama 2012] Missing You / I Miss You 보고싶다



  • sunshine4eversunshine4ever touched by grace <3 with JaeminPosts: 7,481Member


    edited January 2013
    Everyone, episode 17 is available on DramaFever for those of you who are interested. ^^ (if you can not view with subs then you can register for an account there and log in and the subs will show up. Creating an account is free. Also, it is available for USA & Canada region only...)

    @jujuoye, thank you so much for the link! How come I didn't see the scene with JW & SY sleeping in there cuz I remember someone posted a picture of OTP laying next to each other in 2 caps and said it was cut from original episode?

    @roweina78, thanks for the recaps..
    this time I will bookmark page 826. Haha. I did not watch episode 17 with subs yet. :D Will read your recap afterward. Hehe.

  • kat_tkat_t Posts: 802Member


    @roweina78 Amazing recaps!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! :):)

    Just finished watching 16! OMG!!! that gave me goosebumps throughout the episode especially the last part! Finding out Jun's mom is alive, HJW finding out who Harry really is...WHOOA!!!!!!! Now time to catch up and watch 17th! :))
  • faith2919faith2919 Posts: 299Member
    @roweina78 thank u for awesome super detail long recap. U r awesome ^:)^
  • sunshine4eversunshine4ever touched by grace <3 with JaeminPosts: 7,481Member


    edited January 2013
    I am very curious. 

    HJW gives all his salary to LSY's mom, so the mom keeps the account number and all, and he threw the phone to Det Hyung. LSY left her phone in the elevator. And they are running away from the police. Where are they going to get the money to find a place to leave and buy sth to eat to be honest? And where are they going to live? On the snowy mountain? Winter resort?
    Not the mention in the last scene, HJW did not go to his car, so they are planning to run away by... just running? no car? no money?
    @ngthuhien149, I don't think JW's car is his since it seemed so new. I think it's for his work, so he really can't have the car, right? Sorry. Didn't watch all of ep 17 yet so can't answer about the money thing, but they'll be homeless for a while I think. But I'm sure SY's mom and his wifey (police buddy) will find a way to help them even though I know the whole police station is going after both of them.

    I personally think JW was rather rash, but I understand why he reacted that way. Poor guy. Jung Woo just didn't want to lose Soo Yeon this time that was why he was so overprotected of her. Especially if she got arrested and he's not part of the investigation. Just imagine...those detectives really made Soo Yeon dead for this long. What will they do to her once they arrest her? Probably they'll put her to jail and close up the case like they did with her dad.

  • elena_mpelena_mp where Yoochun isPosts: 223Member



    Regarding the 3 pieces of keys, one is with LSY, the other is with Areum, the first one is with whom? For the life of me I can't remember.
  • kat_tkat_t Posts: 802Member


    Are there any previews for ep 18 already? or still none??
  • bubbletea04bubbletea04 Posts: 215Member
    edited January 2013
    I think @Roweina78 would be an awesome detective with the ability to precisely connect different events together :P

    Plus, I dont think its wise to take the car either because its easier for the police to put a warrant on the car using the name tag numbers.
    Plus i think HJW knows not  to carry their phones around either; remember how the polices can easily tracked down the location of HJW phone in that episode where he was taken by the cleaner ahjumma. 
  • ngthuhien149ngthuhien149 Posts: 2,384Member


    edited January 2013
    Is it just me that HJW may know HTJ related to the fake murder years ago. Remember when he came to meet his dad at the company in earlier ep? He already suspected his dad. And also harry 2 said: "LSY wants to kill all the people that make her suffer. KSD, KSC, Nam and Han Tae Joon". So HTJ had to have sth to do w it. HJW knows his dad is not the one who set up the kidnapping for sure, and he is not the rapist either, so it has to be the fake murder.

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