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[Drama 2012] Cheongdamdong Alice / Alice in Cheongdamdong 청담동 앨리스

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Cheongdam-dong Alice 청담동 앨리스
Title 청담동 앨리스 / Cheongdamdong Alice / Alice in Cheongdam-dong
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Release Date: December 1st, 2012 - TBA
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50 KST
Official Website:
PD: Jo Soo Won
Writer: Kim Ji Woon & Kim Jin Hee
Replaced: Five Fingers
Followed by: TBA

Live Streaming: SBS ON-AIR, livedekankoku, WuBiSheng,
Streaming: Viki, Dramafever

"Infinitely positive" Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) is a fledgling fashion designer with big dreams and an even bigger ambition to succeed. She enters every design contest possible, cheerily dusting off rejections and the accompanying hardships, but it all pays off. Or so she thinks. Her dream job ends up being a rude awakening when she realizes she's been hired as the go-to assistant of the company president's wife — the woman who was once her high school nemesis! The tide turns when Se Kyung resolves to move up the social echelon by marrying into a rich family and becoming a "Cheongdam-dong" daughter-in-law (aka trophy wife). Se Kyung must confront her innermost desires: will she hang up her dreams to dry, or does money really mean everything? -dramafever

Main Cast

*DO NOT remove without PROPER CREDIT
translation: Baritagge of Wonderland Team @
graphics: nabi @ soompi

Moon Geun Young as Han Se Kyung

Park Shi Hoo as Cha Seung Jo


So Yi Hyun as Seo Yoon Joo

Kim Ji Suk as Tommy Hong
Extended Cast

Teasers: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

20 min Highlight from Press Conference:
Episode Previews: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

BTS Clips
Poster Shooting TAKE 1 of Main Cast
Poster Shooting TAKE 2 of Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo
Poster Shooting TAKE 2 of So Yi Hyun and Kim Ji Suk
Making Film - Moon Geun Young Interview
Making Film - Park Shi Hoo Interview
g Film - Bag Throwing Scene at Park Shi Hoo in Ep.2
Making Film - Park Shi Hoo's Yoga Scene in Ep.3 & Interview
Making Film - MGY and PSH's Thought on the 1st Broadcast
Making Film - Imagination Kiss Scene in Ep.3
Making Film - Seung Jo Hires Se Kyung as His Stylist in Ep.5
Making Film - High Five Scene in Ep.6
Making Film - Seung Jo and Yoon Joo's Couple Bracelet/Dinner Table Scene in Ep.2
Making Film - Moon Geun Young Has Fun Posing for Photos with Production Crew
Making Film - Soy Sauce Scene in Ep.4
Making Film - AOA's Hyejeong Dances for for Filming Staff

OST Part 1
1. Every Single Day (에브리싱글데이)
- Shower (소나기) [DL] / [YT]

OST Part 2
1. f(x) Luna
(루나) - It's Okay (괜찮아) [DL] / [YT]

OST Part 3
1. Baek Ah Yeon (백아연) - Daddy Long Legs (키다리 아저씨) [DL] / [YT]

OST Part 4
1. K.Will - Love Like This (사랑은 이렇게) [DL] / [YT]

OST Part 5

1. Melody Day - Let's Stop the Pain / Stop Hurting (그만 아파하자) [DL] / [YT]
Daddy Long Legs (키다리 아저씨) (Acoustic Ver.) [DL] / [YT]

Episode Ratings



  • nabinabi Posts: 1,486Friend of Soompi


    It's confirmed! Moon Geun Young to make her comeback in 'Cheongdam-dong Alice' 

    From Namoo Actor's (Moon Geun Young's agency) twitter:


    [문근영] SBS드라마 "청담동 앨리스" 무한긍정녀 한세경 역으로 안방극장을 찾아갑니다. 촬영은 10월부터 시작한답니다~

    Translation: Moon Geun Young will make her way on the small screen in SBS drama 'Cheongdam-dong Alice' as infinitely positive Han Se Kyung. Filming for the drama will begin in October~

    source: NAMOOACTORS2004 @ twitter
    translation: Soompi Moons

  • nabinabi Posts: 1,486Friend of Soompi


    Moon Geun Young to return in new series Cheongdam-dong Alice


    Actress Moon Geun Young will return to the small screen through the TV series Cheongdam-dong Alice.

    On August 23, Moon’s agency, Namoo Actors, said, “Moon decided to appear on SBS’s series Cheongdam-dong Alice.”

    It has been two years since she appeared on her last TV series Mary Stayed Out All Night.

    Moon will play the role of a positive girl named Han Se Kyung, who lives her life fiercely with the motto, “Effort makes my place.”

    In the series, Moon wins several contests and enters the fashion company. But she ends up going on errands instead of designing clothes and it makes her to look back on her own life.

    Writers Kim Ji Woon and Kim Jin Hee, who wrote scripts for the series The Great Queen Seondeok and A Deep-Rooted Tree, worked together for the series and drew a lot of attention.

    People responded: “I can’t wait to see her TV series.” “I’m happy to hear that she will appear on the series.” “It has been so long since she appeared on her last series.”

  • Miky88Miky88 RomaniaPosts: 3,188Member


    Man this duo is quite charming...the plot is nothing new but i'll watch it because of this two...i really missed this 2 on screen
  • nabinabi Posts: 1,486Friend of Soompi


    Moon Geun-young and Park Shi-hoo team up in rom-com


    Okay, these are not two actors I’d peg for a weekend drama, but I AM suddenly a lot more interested in Alice in Cheongdam-dong, a weekend romantic comedy that has just secured Moon Geun-young as the leading lady and Park Shi-hoo as her love interest. I KNOW! Who’s excited?

    The drama, based on a novel titled Cheongdam-dong Audrey, features an “infinitely positive” heroine, Se-kyung, who lives by the motto “Hard work creates your success.” So far, so good.

    The title is a riff on Alice in Wonderland, with Se-kyung playing the newcomer to this strange, insular world of designer clothes and consumerism that is Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Okay, I’m still with you. Cheongdam-dong has a very specific image, and I can see how it could be cute to have a drama’s exploring the character and quirks of the locale.


    Se-kyung is a talented young designer who wins a number of contests and gets hired at an apparel design company, only to find herself relegated to errand girl for the boss’s wife. To make things worse, that hoity-toity wife was once her high school classmate, who was way worse a student than Se-kyung.

    We don’t yet have a lot of info about Park Shi-hoo’s character, but it seems he’ll be a president of a clothing shop. It sounds like the basis of a standard Cinderella setup, but with these actors I’m sincerely hoping there’s a lot more to it than Star In My Heart Redux.

    Moon’s last two dramas have been pretty spectacularly disappointing for me, but she’s always a boon to any project — she’s such a great actress regardless of her age, but especially so considering it. It’s too bad Cinderella’s Sister dropped a PD and went so angst-mopey in its second half, and that Mary Stayed Out All Night fired a writer and went from boring to insane. But she was wonderful throughout despite it all. Meanwhile, Park Shi-hoo really turned it up for his last drama series, The Princess’s Man, which netted him some awards and a nice big boost in popularity (not that he was so lacking in it before).

    Alice in Cheongdam-dong is written by the scripters behind Tree With Deep Roots and Queen Seon-deok in what I assume will be a big departure from their epic sageuk background. It’ll follow Five Fingers and plans to premiere later this year.

    Via E Daily, Osen

    From dramabeans
  • MoonIsSquareMoonIsSquare Posts: 116Member


    Though am not quite sure with the plot of Cheongdam-dong Alice... I'll give her my full support! plus She'll be with Park Shi Hoo anyway. I've always wanted her to work with matured actors aside from my young biases.  

    Im just so happy to be seeing Moon again!! yeaay! And Park Shi Hoo, I adored him since Prosecutor Princess! :D
  • Heart.And.SoulHeart.And.Soul Posts: 257Member


    Happy to see MGY in a new drama! I love that she will be paired with PSH! Definitely looking forward to this one! :) 
  • LyrayooLyrayoo fan gal digger Posts: 2,618Moderator


  • the girl who!the girl who! goddess Min Jung ♥ PeruPosts: 31,511Member


    Moonie and Park Shi Hoo .. a unexpected combo , but I'm looking forward for the drama ^^ 
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  • luvbongluvbong Posts: 189Member
    YAY!!! I've been waiting for Moon's comeback for what seems like forever hahaha
    Knowing that Moon is somewhat choosy when picking her projects, I hope there is something great about this drama that made her pick it.
    Will be looking forward to this drama. October, please get here sooner!
  • _loner__loner_ Posts: 910Member


    i wanna see this couple.
    i hope her voice dont sound kid-ish...not a bad thing but i like her voice more in cinderella's sister
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  • Yslands YnèsYslands Ynès Posts: 5Member
    Happy to know that the two will work together thought that one day they would turn a drama together because they are two of my favorite actors, both have the talent and they are both pure, calm and workers HSP will MGY loved because they are the same   :x , I'll support figthing!! :D 
  • DJGDJG Posts: 815Member


    LOL, I was just about to open this thread and saw that someone beat me to it.

    I love MGY and PSH, so I can't wait for this drama to start.

    While, we wait, I encourage everyone to watch PSH in Family Honor, one of my favorite Korean Dramas ever.

  • luvbongluvbong Posts: 189Member

    Moon Geun Young To Make Drama Comeback With “Cheongdam-dong Alice”


    Moon Geun Young is officially making her comeback to the Korean drama industry.

    On August 23, Namoo Actors revealed that Moon Geun Young will be featured as the lead role in the upcoming SBS special drama, “Cheongdam-dong Alice.” She comes back after her last project, “Mary Stayed Out All Night,” and a two-year hiatus.

    Moon Geun Young will play Han Se Kyung, a motivated young woman who finally breaks through tough competition in the fashion industry after countless number of art contest submissions. However, once hired by a company, she is limited to running petty errands and hardly gets a chance to prove her real talents. The drama charts the character’s difficult journey in securing a place in the real world, while she encounters the true love of her life.

    The scriptwriting has been handed to two famed screenwriters, Kim Ji Woon and Kim Jin Hee. They have earned recognition through traditional dramas, such as MBC “Queen Seonduk” and SBS “Tree of Deep Roots,”

    “Cheongdam-dong Alice” will air after a complete run of “Five Fingers.” Moon Geun Young will start filming her parts in October.

    credit: Soompi News
  • mgyfevermgyfever Posts: 240Member
    Looking forward to Cheongdam-dong Alice A LOT! I've missed Moon Geun Young. She's such a talented actress.
  • minyu17minyu17 Hazuki Airin IndonesiaPosts: 342Member


    KYAAAA!!! PArk Shi Ho opaa with Moon unnie ^^
    I really wanted this drama!
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  • shezasheza Posts: 645Member


    If Park Si Hoo is in I am in!
  • pher4444pher4444 Posts: 205Member


    edited August 2012
    Happy dance......really unexpected couple, PSH with the other moonie.....but I'm excited!!:)


    ♥ GIANT ♥ The Princess' Man 

  • rintintintinrintintintin Shining star superstar NeverlandPosts: 1,349Member


    edited August 2012
    Finally, this is great!!! And the writer of this drama is a veteran.... What would be their feedback on this???? I can't wait.... Save from the last like I said. :)
    "I prove that I'll be successful in the near future." :)
  • MoonIsSquareMoonIsSquare Posts: 116Member


    I really thought Moon would choose a serious role as her comeback. Another melodrama or saeguk. She never fails to surprise me!!! lol i love her!
  • endeavorendeavor Posts: 4,011Administrator


    I'm not sure what the full details are but it seems like this drama is currently being surrounded by plagiarism allegations. 
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