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[jp Upcoming Drama] 絶対彼氏。 Zettai Kareshi. Absolute Boyfriend



  • Em_mieEm_mie Posts: 678Member
    OHEMGEE!!!!!! hiro and mokomichi in the same drama! ^____^ but i want to see hiro in a lead role!
  • ViEt_AnGeLViEt_AnGeL Posts: 418Member
    haha i'm looking forward to this ^^ i like the manga.. ^^ i hope this will be good
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  • mugendaimugendai Posts: 228Member
  • Q_ParkQ_Park Cynic. Posts: 4,695Friend of Soompi


    i freakin love this manga!
    must watch this!

    - Kyu

  • COOKIE.BANDIT.COOKIE.BANDIT. Toronto, CanadaPosts: 1,329Member
    LOL this calls for a nosebleed!
    Moko AND Hiro??!!!!! *dies*

    I know nothing about this manga but def. watching it now haha
  • gummonstergummonster USAPosts: 714Member
    OMG OMG OMG OMG. i can't believe this
    absolute boyfriend drama???? i'm gonna faint...
    and Hiro is in this? ....
    this can't get any better.
  • miimisunshinemiimisunshine Posts: 1,895Member
    i read the manga it was good. ..
    i will defenitly(sp?) wacth it.
  • i3lu3funi3lu3fun a.l.i.v.e MYPosts: 1,309Member
    i was out of words when i saw this thread. what a wonderful news! i love the manga so much, i really hope this drama will be as good as the manga. i'm really looking forward to it!
  • I_broke_a_nail!I_broke_a_nail! Posts: 5,151Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2008

    I think Hiro should play the robot.

    I don't remember what happened at the end of the manga
    But it was pretty close.
    Both guys had the upper hand in the girl's heart.

    I love dramas like that, where its a fair fight.

    But I think they changed it a bit.
    The guy hiro is supposed to be her next door neighbor LOL.

    Basically the drama is really really funny and cute.
    It's about how this girl orders a boyfriend online as a joke and the guy "Night" was sent to her in a crate.
    He's like this A.I. robot who is suitable for her needs.
    But then, after she gets this perfect boyfriend, her next door neighbor (but in this drama, he is her coworker?) realizes his feelings for her.
    He actually treated her pretty crappy but then when that perfect robotic boyfriend came it, everything changed.

    The story is supposed to be whether she thinks she will be happy, being in love with a robot who is absolutely perfect OR be with a human, who has minor flaws.

    I don't remember who she ends up with but the ending is really cut-throat.
    Both of the guys were practically EQUAL.
    But in the manga, Hiro's character is BUTT UGLY.
    But both of them are SO hot in this drama so... equal fight =)
  • MelyxciousMelyxcious Diego Fainello ? Las Vegas, NV.Posts: 3,454Member
    edited February 2008
    Holy crap O__O AWESOME!! But I kinda don't ... think the guy playing Night looks that... cute? I dunno. Maybe it's just that picture. I've never heard of him before so yeah >__O; BUT. I'm really happy that Hiro is in here ^O^~ Can't wait till it comes out :3
  • melonmelon We've got a city to love! Posts: 1,320Member
    Mizushima Hiro and Hayami Mocomichi?!?!
    Must see!!
  • kawaiiyiru^^;kawaiiyiru^^; somewhere over d rainbow..^^;Posts: 388Member


    well.. absolutely should watch..
    how i can ask for more since it was Mizushima Hiro and Mokomichi Hayami..^^v

    i already read the manga 3 or 4 years ago~
    but.. i'm still curious too watch..

    ~I don't think too much, thinking won't help, the future is determined by others~

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  • baoibaoi SUPER MEMBER!! BostonPosts: 10,580Friend of Soompi



    The cast is made up of my FAVORITES!!! YES~ something to look forward to!
    Soompi is so different from what it was before. I miss you old Soompiers (who has moved on in life).
  • DAJUNG.DAJUNG. est;940801? KoreaPosts: 1,221Member


    edited February 2008
    I LOVED the manga and I ADORE Hayami Mocomichi and Mizushima Hiro!!!!! <33
    Never heard of the girl playing Riiko but she's very cute!
    .... HOLY COW!! *spazzes in solitary corner*
  • kalchikalchi soraPosts: 540Member


    oh no..not aibu saki again..huhu..i didnt really like utahime b/c of

    but then..hiro & hayami.. image image
  • caramelzcaramelz Posts: 476Member
    can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • xx|outsider|xxxx|outsider|xx Posts: 1,143Member
    edited February 2008
    I didn't extremely enjoy the manga much but a live action series of such a topic should be interesting enough to watch. Plus, eyes candies. I love the actress, been hoping to see her as a female lead for so long and here she is! dunno utahime.
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  • novemberbabynovemberbaby Love makes me strong. Posts: 1,687Friend of Soompi
    I gave up on the manga ages ago, but it'd be nice to see this live-action drama! I loveeeee Hayami & Hiro. As for Saki, I've only seen her in Attention Please.
  • manlytoemanlytoe Posts: 4,592Member


    seems interesting! i would surely like to see this!!! ^^
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  • redmoon123redmoon123 New York CityPosts: 2,262Friend of Soompi


    OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I read this manga a while back. Mokomichi and Hiro in a dorama together!! <3<3<3 Must watch this! Cheeeers to another manga-based drama! I love them!!!!!
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