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World's No.1 Fairness Cream


Fair and Lovely AD

okay this is what most of Indian girls ( and also boys) use.
A lot of my friends got really fair and wight ...hehe

But I got to say... I dont use it um well couse I am happy with my skin colour^^

The world’s largest selling fairness cream – Fair & Lovely (FAL). While beauty is a universal desire amongst all women, specific beauty needs and beauty icons differ across regions.

World's no.1 fairness creamimage

Based on breakthrough scientific research on skin care from Unilever, Fair & Lovely fairness cream gives you unmatched radiant fairness in just 4 weeks.

Fair & Lovely was developed in India in 1975. Nationally marketed since 1978 , this fairness cream brand has been extensively tested with consumers in India and abroad. In terms of benefit and delivery Fair & Lovely has proven to be superior to all key competitive brands Connsumers perceive the brand as empowering and transformative.

In Sri Lanka Fair & Lovely was launched in 1992, which became the leading fairness cream in the market within a very short period of time that has led to the growth of the fairness segment in skin care.

Fair & Lovely - skin care cream for asian skin image

Today Fair & Lovely has reached a high ground of science and efficacy and remains non-chemical and easily comprehensible.

The new fairness proposition has been brought alive through multi-vitamins, a mix of four essential vitamins each of which help in giving fairness + nourishment, resulting in the re-launched FAL Pink being henceforth known as FAL multi-vitamin fairness cream.

Multi-vitamin is the breakthrough new fairness invention that has four essential skin vitamins (A, B, C, E) which give you the four signs of beauty parlour fairness, but with total fairness + nourishment

The four signs of beauty parlour fairness in the new Multi-vitamin formula:
Vitamin B3 – radiance but without bleach

* Vitamin C – Even-tone like derma-brasion
* Vitamin A – Skin elasticity of chemical peels
* Vitamin E – Deep hydration like fruit facials

And much more - Vitamin B3+C give glowing fairness in four weeks, Vitamin A+E give genuine skin nourishment from within and triple sunscreens protect your fairness!




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