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[OFFICIAL] The Kim Ryeowook (김려욱) Thread

thisgardenoncewas*perfectthisgardenoncewas*perfect "Pardon?" ? fall in love with S I C APosts: 494Member
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the kim ryeowook (김려욱) official thread


NAME Kim Ryeowook (김려욱)
AGE 20 (U.S.) 21 (KOREA)
BIRTHDAY June 21, 1987
HEIGHT 173 cm
WEIGHT 58 kg
HOBBIES singing, composing music
LISTENS TO Bada, S.E.S., Big Mama (uhhhh i forgot who else -fail-)
TRIVIA Ryeowook was the last member to join Super Junior and replaced a former member, he wasn't trained for long. He was discovered at a Chin Chin Singing Competition, he was featured in the video of a song entitled "Hello Summer" with other Chin Chin idols. He was a member of S.E.S. 5th Official Fanclub. On February 2006 Ryeowook lost a shoe on stage while performing but he did not panic, he merely waited for the right time to pick it up. Very professional. Ryeowook loves ice cream and free make-up samples.

image image image

image image

QUOTE (thisgardenoncewas*perfect @ Jan 12 2008, 03:45 PM) »
ryeowook filmed all the parts for the panda but at the end scene (the wonder boy scene) leeteuk was in the panda because they didn`t have a role for him/ the accident/ ryeowook couldn`t do both the V.P. and the panda at the end.

but i dunno .________.;; you shouldn`t believe me - i`m very forgetful and there`s a chance that that`s completely wrongish.

QUOTE (LyndaNMicky @ Jan 12 2008, 03:47 PM) »
Nope, actually you're correct. Leeteuk didn't have a role, so towards the ending, it was Leeteuk in the panda suit, but Ryeowook did shoot a lot of takes with the panda suit as well, as seen aboved. =]

image image image image


here are some websites you could use to upload your pictures:

also, if you are posting the pictures you've found here at a different forum/thread, it would be appreciated if you credit the same people I credit.

read the rest of this note here.

credits; (bio info thanks to) La'MISS:fairy@soompi, the super junior thread (here @ soompi) and popcornfor2


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