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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교

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Name :
Song Hye Kyo

Birthday :
(Registration) February 26, 1982 ; (Actual) November 22, 1981

Blood type :
RH+ type A

Ht / Wt :
161cm / 45kg (5'3"/99lbs)

Nicknames :
Woodpecker (because she talks so fast), Hak-gyo, Hek-gyo (in school), Yook-gyo (bridge / overpass)

Habit :
Touches her nose when in an awkward situation

Talents :
Figure skating, Piano, Swimming

Hobbies :
Embroidery (cross stitching), knitting, collecting perfumes, talking with her friends

Education :
Sook-Myung girls middle school(graduated), Eun-Kwang girls high school(graduated), Sejong University


(some are linked to their Official Soompi Threads)

2011: Today / A Reason To Live
2010: Chinese movie: The Grand Master (has yet to be released)
2010: Camellia
2008: KBS mini series: The World That They Live In/ Worlds Within
2008: Hollywood debut : Make Yourself at Home / Fetish
2007 : first historical movie: Hwang Jini
2005 : movie debut : My Girl & I
2004 : KBS mini series : Full House
2004 : SBS mini series : Sunlight Pours Down
2003 : SBS mini series : All In
2001 : SBS Mini series : Guardian Angel
2001 : MBC Mini series : Hotelier
2000 : KBS Mini series : Autumn in My Heart
1999 : SBS Sitcom : Soonpoong Clinic
1999 : SBS Sunday morning drama :Sweet Bride
1998 : SBS Sitcom : How am I? orWhat Do You Think Of Me?
1998 : SBS Special project drama : A White Night 3.98
1998 : SBS Special summer evening drama : Pupil of Fear or Deadly Eyes
1998 : SBS Sitcom : Marching or Parade
1998 : SBS One-act drama :One of a Pair or Partner
1998 : MBC Week drama : Six brother & sister or Six Siblings
1997 : KBS : Dalkomhan Sibu
1997 : MBC : Jjack
1997 : KBS : Wedding Dress
1996 : KBS Weekend drama : First love
1996 : KBS Sunday Morning Drama : Happy Morning

some of the talented actors that Song Hye Kyo had the chance to work with ^.~


Autumn in My Heart: Reason / Prayer
Hotelier: Hotelier
All In: I'll Be Fine
Full House: I think I love You / Geu Deh Ji Geum
My Girl and I: Dream of One Summer Night
Hwang Jini: If You Were Me

^.~ links provided by Tammie


2011: Best Acting Award - Female Movie People/Moviewomen Awards
2010: Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces - debuting at #18
2007: Best New Actress Award (Hwang Jini) - 6th Annual Korea Film Awards
2006: Soompi Queen
2005: Soompi Queen
2004: Best Actress (Full House) - KBS Drama Awards
2004: Most Popular Actress (Full House) - KBS Drama Awards
2004: Best Couple (with Bi) - KBS Drama Awards
2003: Best Actress (All In) - SBS Drama Awards
2003: Top 10 Stars (All In) - SBS Drama Awards
2002: Top 10 Asian Entertainer - CE(China Entertainment)TV
2001: Top 10 Stars (Guardian Angel) - SBS Drama Awards
2001: Best TV Actress - BaekSang Awards
2001: Best Korean Star - Gold Song Award (Hong Kong)
2000:Most Popular Actress (Autumn In My Heart) - KBS Drama Awards
2000:Photogenic Award (Autumn In My Heart) - KBS Drama Awards
1998:Newcomer Award (Soon Poong Clinic) - SBS TV Awards
1996:SunKyung Smart (school uniform brand) model search Grand Prize winner

^.~ credits to: Richard Simmons and


Shin Sung-woo : Curious Destiny (with Shin Sung-woo)
Kim Byum Soo : Once Upon A Day (with Song Seung Hun, Ji Jin Hee)
Jung Il Young: Gido (Prayer)


Credit card: BC card
Cellular phone: KTF-Ever, VK Mobile, BBK Mobile
Fashion: Clride, Litmus, Vivien, ROEM, Levi's Lady Style, Front-line (China)
Accessories: Foce, Juliet (jewelry)
Hair/Skin Products: A Solution, Etude, Olay, Innisfree, Hazeline, Laneige, Aritaum
Apartment : Ushell
Drinks: CJ Micho Juice, Woongjin, Ottogi (Vegetable Drink), Chungha, Jinro, Soonbaekcha, Doutor Coffee
Food: McDonalds, Essen, Orion (Ottogi)
Appliances: Dios (LG), Wells, Coway
Other: Nintendo DS (Animal Crossing), Hyundai Oilbank, Samsung Auction
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