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[drama 2008] Bichunmoo 비천무

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[SBS] Joo Jin Mo, Park Ji Yoon, Lee Jong Hyuk
SBS drama version of the movie, Bichunmoo, scheduled to debut 18 Jan 2008.

Director : Yoon Sang Ho 윤상호
Scriptwriter : Kang Eun Gyung 강은경
Cast : Joo Jin Mo 주진모, Park Ji Yoon 박지윤, Lee Jong Hyuk 이종혁, 왕아남
Official Site :

Episodic preview :

Related news video clips:



Music OST album
Tracks :
01 Love is …

02 야상곡 (夜想曲) Vocal by 박지윤 (설리 version)

03 Sakura falling

04 만월(满月) Vocal by 신은희

05 Death theme

06 야상곡 (夜想曲) Vocal by 김동욱 (자하랑 version)

07 Journey to the east

08 Friends

09 네가 없는 세상에 (엔딩곡) Vocal by 한얼

10 비천무가(飛天舞歌) Vocal by 송지은

11 愛緣(애연) Vocal by Soo(수)

12 사랑아 추억아 Vocal by 하울(HowL)

13 Fate

14 Sad oboe suit

15 미련 Vocal by 안영민

16 사랑값 Vocal by 해신

17 Love hurts

18 Betrayal

19 미워할 걸 그랬죠 Vocal by 최성일


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