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[OFFICIAL] JYJ Kim Jaejoong - 김재중 Thread

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Born in 1986, Jaejoong was the lead vocal of the quintet TVXQ, and currently a member of the trio JYJ. He is a Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and concert director. His accomplishments include the following:

Solo/ Duet Songs:
◦ "Greeting" (인사) which was featured on the A Millionaire's First Love soundtrack.
◦Japanese solo "MAZE", which was featured in the "Keyword / Maze" single, the fifth and last installment of the group's "TRICK" series.
◦ Duet with The Grace, "Just for One Day", which was featured in The Grace's first Japanese full-length studio album, Graceful 4.
◦ "Forgotten Season", a remake of the original song by Lee Yong, which was a famous hit in the 1980s. His solo is included in TVXQ's 4th album MIROTIC (Track 11).
◦ "For you, It's Separation, To Me It's Waiting" for the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST
◦ "I'll Protect You", one of the official soundtrack of "Protect the Boss", a TV drama that he also acts as one of the main characters, Cha Muwon. 
◦ "Living Like A Dream", one of the official soundtrack of "Dr. Jin", a TV drama that he also acts as one of the main characters, Kim Kyungtak. 

◦ Lyricist and composer of "Don't Cry My Lover", a track included in TVXQ's 4th album MIROTIC (Version C).
◦ Lyricist and composer of "Wasurenaide", a track included in Tohoshinki's Bolero Single
◦ Composed "Kissしたまま、さよなら" with Yuchun
◦ Lyricist and composer of "9095", a track included in The Secret Code Album, and "9096" a bonus track
◦ Composed, together with Yoochun, the song Colors - Harmony and Melody used in Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary
◦ Composed and arranged, together with Junsu, the song Shelter, included in the Colors CD Single release
◦ Composed and arranged Still In Love, included in "The Beginning" CD
◦ Composed, arranged and wrote Nine, Pierrot and IDS, included in Their Rooms, JYJ Music Essay
◦ Composed, arranged and wrote Get Out, In Heaven and Boy's Letter, included in "In Heaven" Album
◦ Composed, arranged and wrote No Gain for Xia's Tarantallegra Album
◦ Wrote I'll Protect You included in Protect the Boss' OST CD
◦ Wrote Living Like A Dream, included in "Dr. Jin's" OST CD
◦ Composed, arranged and wrote Till the Sun Rises for Baek Seung Ho's Debut Single

Film/ Drama:
◦ "Dr./ Park Seonsu" in the Japan drama production "Sunao Ni Narenakute"
◦ Film: Korea-Japan drama production "Heaven's Postman" as the main lead
◦ "Cha Mu Won" in the SBS drama production "Protect the Boss"
◦ "Kim Kyung Tak" in the MBC drama production "Dr. Jin"
◦ "Choi Hyun" in the movie "Code Name: Jackal"

◦ Served as Executive Director for JYJ's 2011 Worldwide Tour (Asian Leg)
◦ Son Yeonjae's Gala at 2011 LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars

◦ Intermodulation

◦ The 2nd Annual SM Best Competition - Best Appearance 1st Place
◦ The 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix - Best Supporting Actor for Spring season (for Sunao ni Narenakute)
◦ The Oricon’s “Spring Drama ☆ AWARD 2010″ - Spring Drama Most Interesting Actor (for Sunao ni Narenakute)
◦ 2011 Shorty Awards Best Celebrity 
◦ 2011 SBS New Star Award

JaeJoong went through lots of hardship. He did lots of part-time jobs from working in a convenience store, delivering chicken, newspaper delivery, manual labor, theres nothing he has never done. YoungWoong also appeared in the movie 'Taeguki wa Hweenalli myuh' (waving the korean flag) as an extra. But its really difficult to find him in the movie. He appeared as one of the chinese soliders. JaeJoong's special talent is his husky voice. But the one thing he likes the most is his eyebrows. Jaejoong said when Song SuHun sees his eyebrows he is going to bow. When he was young his dream was to be a supermarket owner; because you can eat a lot of cookies all you want.

His hobby is weight training and cooking. He sometimes carries out the role of a "big brother" or the "mother" towards the members, and also gives the most criticisms to the members regarding music. He has deep thoughts and talks straight-forwardly, which sometimes gets him into trouble. Many, including himself, say that he gives a cold impression when first met, however, the members say he is most 'loving' and warm in the group after getting to know him better.

Random Facts About Kim Jaejoong


JaeJoong was a gum seller during his youth?


Compilation of Tohoshinki's Secret of the Day - Jaejoong



JYJ - Their Rooms, JYJ Music Essay

JYJ - The Beginning

JYJ - The....

Jaechun Sub-unit - Colors Single

Fourth Korean Album - Mirotic

Third Korean Album - "O"


Second Korean Album - Rising Sun


First Korean Album - Tri-Angle


Fourth Japanese Album - The Secret Code

Third Japanese Album - T

Keyword - Single

Second Japanese Album - Five In The Black

First Japanese Album - Heart, Mind & Soul



Jaejoong's Tattoo
New/ Extended

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