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How To Put Collar On Graduation Gown

HemeraHemera Posts: 4,350Member


help me por favor not sure where this topic belongs in..please move it if it's at the wrong section

the's barney purple =__=:

they gave me picture instructions and worded instructions, but i don't know what they're talking about "yoke"....and that one picture isn't clear. at all..

so does anyone know how to put it on? please? :DDD

instructions josten's provided:

1. position collar around neck to insure uniform performance
2. fold approximately 1/4" of collar around the inside of the yoke
3. attach one tab [of sticker] to both the collar and gown above the size label in the back of the gown. attach one tab to each end of the collar and onto inside front of gown

thank you
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