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Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax

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Only soompi sellers' list updated 7/31. Please post if you sell it

Spiky Edge [PINK] [Styling Guide]- For v. short to short hair - Creates wild and 3D style spiky hair that lasts all day
Wild Shake [PURPLE] [Styling Guide]- For medium short to short hair - Creates a casual messy look
Air Rise [GREEN] [Styling Guide]- For medium short to medium hair - Creates bounce and airyness with a light setting
Loose Shuffle [ORANGE] [Styling Guide]- For short to medium long hair - Creates a natural wavy look easily
Cool Wet [BLUE] [Styling Guide]- For short to medium hair - Creates a glossy wet finish without stickiness
Grunge Mat [GREY] [Styling Guide]- For v. short to medium short hair - Creates a natural look with mat finish
Nuance Motion [YELLOW] - ???

Big thanks to apparition for the styling guide scans & v3rmillion for the styling chart =)


Click on GATSBY TV , go to Chapter 1 Moving Rubber
and then you can watch videos of the different hairstyles made by using the wax :]
There's a section for videos with hair styled by pros
and there's a section for videos with hair styled by just normal people x]

I post these videos on here just 'cause Gatsby Moving Rubber was used in them.

Spiky Edge - PINK

Wild Shake - PURPLE

Loose Shuffle - ORANGE

Air Rise - GREEN

Nuance Motion - YELLOW

Cool Wet - BLUE

Grunge Matte - GREY

What You Should NOT Do

[Included links for directions and reviews to most places]

San Francisco - Ichiban Kan
San Diego - Mitsuwa Marketplace; Nijiya Market
San Mateo - Ichiban Kan
San Jose - Mitsuwa Marketplace
Torrance - Mitsuwa Marketplace
Sawtelle - Nijiya Market
Rowland Heights - 99 Ranch Market; Pacific Plaza [Takashima]
Union City - Marina Foods
Alhambra - near 99 Ranch Market
San Gabriel - 99 Ranch Market

??? - Tomato

Arlington Heights - Mitsuwa Marketplace

New York
New York - Jas Mart; Sunrise Mart

Houston - Hong Kong City Mall

Seattle - Uwajimaya
Renton - ???

Toronto - Galleria; Seefu Hair Salon in Downtown; a hair salon in Market Village
Markham - First Markham Place; Pacific Mall [Chic]
Vancouver - Parker Place; Aberdeen Center; Crystal Mall
Ottawa - Mai Mai Salon in Chinatown

Beijing - Watsons

Prices w/ with shipping include shipping to US.
[store] cindytangstore - $16 shipped.
[store] crazypilovee - $13 shipped.

[store] straw - $12 shipped.
[store] [survey] Babycremepuff - $12 shipped.
[survey] jenlien93 - $13 shipped.
[store] gloomy-bear - $10 shipped.
[survey] saving_carmen - $18 shipped.

Ice Cream Party [run by v3rmillion] - $14 shipped. - $8.99 w/o shipping.

I just started seeing this being sold around Soompi, and I wanted to know if it's really as good as some people say :]

Just share your opinions and experiences. Which one did you use? Loose shuffle [orange], air rise [green], etc. What length hair do you have, and how well did this product work? Any styling tips would be welcome too ^_________^
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