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Pimple That Looks Like A Bruise!

kumokokumoko Posts: 887Member
Ok, I had this thing on my chin for...I think over a month now!

First, it started as a small pimple, but I noticed its the kind that grows underneath the skin and no way to pop it or anything. So I waited like a week while cleaning my face with EVERYTHING I can (it got huge), and then, it kinda popped on it's own. The bad thing is that now there's a UGLY purple bump on my chin. image Nothing is working. (Proactive, soap, Aveeno, etc)

When I touch my chin, I feel like there's something underneath the chin, and it's not going away...I tried foundation to cover it up, but then it look MORE LIKE A BRUISE. *trauma*

Any advices?

And for some reason, I always get pimples on my chin. Nowhere else really.


  • her_hearther_heart lc, laPosts: 385Member
    thats happened to me before...but from bothering it too much and poking at it thus damaging the skin to make it bruise and i still felt that there was something underneath even though it popped. well i dont have any remedies sorry. i just sucked it up popped it thru the pain. it was like a zit or something. well after that the bruising stayed for a while after it was finally finallly popped of course but it goes away you have to be patient for it to heal...or maybe you should see a doc lol.
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  • yamaki_LOVEyamaki_LOVE Posts: 3,593Member


    i no how you feel but it'll go first your like oh its just a small pimple no harm and like the next thing you knew it gotten bigger when you pop it it turned peurple and looks liek a bruise..i've been there and still am but i use aveeno and basically thats it..and it lightens up...
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  • PH00F-PH00F- HERE.Posts: 261Member
    I have that right now. So I'm just waiting patiently to go away. Cause I think i'm still under some stress... I want to pop it but Ergh the outcome will be more pimple scars. So I'm using bio-oil ): Hope it works.. Sigh
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