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  • Jackie1048
    I dont think he succeeded in strangling her cos she blamed the missing money on SG..... I dont want her to die I want her to live to a ripe old age abadoned by all, totally broke and she goes back to  being a gisaeng. .  I just watched today's episode (think its ep 148) just out of curiousity.  Ok my question here is WC also had a suitcase full of .... whether it was cash or gold bars I was not sure which he was packing into a suitcase and which he then passed on to Inok to hide when JK walks in, was that the money Doksa was looking for??

    I feel sorry for SG, when she left her son at YH's place JK was there..... does YH not know how JK treats her own daughter and has intentions of taking both WC and son away from SG?? This woman is so wishy washy, if SG was my daughter I would be the protective mother hen, all claws out cos nobody touches my girl.  JK is her ex SIL so why is she so pally pally with her?? When later SG and WC drops by the pick their son from YH's place JK was all very upset cos the child referred to SG/WC as omoni/oboeji.  

    Also did JK give Mde Se the green light to have Doksa to do away with SG so that she can have both WC and her child?? Was that the reason Doksa was tailing SG at night hoping to ambush her??

    And what was the reason for Doksa to beat up CS/YH's son and send the blooded boy back to CS as a message???  

    Apologies if I am asking too many questions.

    I got Ep 138 on draft so I can't reply on the forum itself

    Everyone know about the bag containing Dok Sa's money (cash and gold bars). Everyone even suspect it is at Se Woon Dang.

    Dok Sa has yet to retrieve the bag which he handed personally to Chi Soo but Chi Soo denied having it when Dok Sa sent the old staff to retrieve it and whoever asked him about it. Even Jin Kyung's in laws was interested in it as well.

    In Ok was a housekeeper at Se Woon Dang before therefore knew the secret compartment in Chi Soo's study. She showed it to Woo Chang who removed the cash and gold bars into that big luggage bag that In Ok brought into Se Woon Dang. He left an empty bag behind.

    Madam Se Woon Dang also had seen the money and made a deal with Dok Sa to get Jin Woo back to them.

    The reason why Yeon Hee (Soon Geum's mother) was trying to set the arrangement of the lessons was to put Jin Kyung's mind at ease so Jin Kyung will agreed to go to the US for her surgery. Soon Geum and Woo Chang played the part of Jin Woo's parents who was sending their son to Jin Kyung for lessons so she was like the art teacher and nothing else. The reason why she got upset was they thanked her like she was only an art teacher.

    Jin Kyung did not asked Madam Se Woon Dang to get rid of Soon Geum, it all Madam's doing. In the preview, you saw the even Jin Kyung was tied up and gagged by Dok Sa. Furthermore, even Soon Geum was willing to give up Woo Chang to Jin Kyung but Woo Chang himself will not go over and got very upset that Soon Geum dared give him up to another person.

    Dok Sa beat up Jae In as a warning to Chi Soo to give him back his money.

    Therefore, the kidnapping of Soon Geum was to get his money back.

    By the way, Jung Soo managed to talk some sense to Jin Kyung to have the surgery as he told him that many people will be very sad if anything bad should happened to her. He practically named the whole neighbourhood.

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