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  • I read this article.. I know this was long time article.. But maybe can remind us and you can judge him by your self.. Sory for a long post.. I dont know how to make a spoiler.. Can anyone teach me how to make spoiler? Thank you^^ 1. [TRANS] Wooyoung in NYLON Interview Q: We really can’t skip the WGM that’s begun quite recently. How does it feel now that you’ve experienced the filming yourself? Wooyoung: Apart from the fact that it’s hard on my body, I like it all. After the filming that heaviness lasts for over a day. It’s both hard on my stamina and emotion-wise. Q: Emotion-wise? Wooyoung : It’s confusing. I don’t want to do anything by force, perhaps it’s because I wanted to speak and behave the way I felt like it, that quite often I get confused in reality. Q: A lot of people who participated in WGM expressedd similar thoughts. Even if you don’t think much of it, it’s a program that you get absorbed in. Wooyoung: We have to focus on each and every filming, so sometimes I behave like she’s really my wife. And when we go back to the real life after filming, all my previous actions become fake so it’s confusing. 2. [TRANS] Nickhun & Wooyoung Interview in Hanako Magazine Q: In your opinion, what kind of lady would match Wooyoung? Nickhun: Thank you! For Wooyoung, I think someone who can amuse him would be good because he makes others laugh all the time. A girl who is honest, has her own opinion, and can carry out many kinds of conversations with him, just like a friend. WY: *claps* (cr: via gladyzkhun) 3. Interview Wooyoung - Men's Health July 2012 Q: A woman that attracts you: Wooyoung: Pretty, good-natured, sexy, wise, with a sense of responsibility and nice manners towards parents Q: You seem to be very determined and manly. Wooyoung: It’s hard to say it just like that. I’m very curt on the outside. But once you get close to me, I do have cute charm. When you get to know me, I do think a lot, and I worry a lot. And I also want to do everything “perfectly”. Q: What path you’d like to take in the future? Wooyoung: Music, movies, drama and so on… Producing anything like that is a fascinating job. I want to study more, work hard and become a producer. 4. 2PM INTERVIEW FROM GINGER MAGAZINE [TRANS] Q : Which approach would you use if you were in love? Wooyoung : If there are mutual feelings then I’m probably the type that trusts the person like the current (of a river). Q: When your lover is depressed, what would you do to comfort her? Wooyoung: I will bring her to her favourite place and treat her to something delicious. 5.. [TRANS+SCANS] SBS Inkigayo Magazine - Wooyoung Interview Q. : For Wooyoung, what kind of image will make a woman look sexiest? Or, what kind of woman looks sexiest to you? Wooyoung: Whether we look at the idea of sexiness from a man or woman’s perspective, I think everyone’s views are the same. In my opinion, I think whenever a woman is passionate about doing something she enjoys or work; she appears to be the sexiest and attractive. This kind of an image allows women to naturally give off a sexy feel. However, whilst saying it’s sexy, describing it as charming and attractive is more appropriate. 6. In [TRANS] ANAN Magazine Seoul Travel Book Special Issue, they said : Although not saying much, but answering every question very sincerely is Wooyoung. His enigmatic but strong nature can't help but remind people of his hometown - Busan. 7. Oricon style interview Q: Please tell us about ver B which has solo song of each member. Wooyoung: The song “Give up” I made it by thinking about this tour like what should I do at my solo stage. The lyrics has a meaning of a guy who has a high pride but met this one girl and expressed “In front of you I throw away all my pride and his existence becomes small” kind of thing. Cr : 8. [Magazine] 2PM Vivi Magazine Interview Q: The Type of Girls you Like and Ways to Approach Her Wooyoung : I like girl with good voice I will be attracted by girls' voice. Nothing special really, it's okay as long as it feels right when we talk. If she has the voice I like, I'll go to a convenience store to buy both cold and hot coffee, hold her hand and ask, "which one do you like?". Then we will continue talking. Source: Translated by nat @ 9. [TRANS] 110524 2PM’s Interview from “Woman Weekly” @junkaystreet Q:Tell me about each attractive feature! Wooyoung: I am a brave man, Junsu is calm, Nichkhun is scrupulous, Taecyeon is cheerful,Junho is refreshing and Chansung is impressible. Q:Which type of woman do you like? Wooyoung: Someone who has an attractive voice.
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